What are Some Design Options for Effective Presentation Folders?

Apart from providing you with a suitable method of organising all your marketing material and other client-oriented documents, presentation folders can actually double up as a formidable marketing tool when used correctly. Everyone knows that a presentation folder that is designed well will make your organisation look much more professional and give the impression that you are a credible brand who is conscientious about all the choices you make.

Hence, taking a look at all the ways that you leverage the design, will help you in making your a4 or a5 folder so much more effective:

  • The first thing to look at when you see a presentation folder is generally the finish. A nice glossy finish can help in enhancing the entire look of your presentation folders and also has the added benefit of increasing the durability as well. To be honest, you can even choose a matte finish if you like, but that decision should depend majorly on your presentation folder design. If you want to attract attention even further, you can use a selective coating on parts of the presentation folders which will make them stand out even further. Apart from this, colour choices play an extremely important role when it comes to presentation folder design. Of course, you have the array of colours that the four inks process provides, but apart from that, you could also exercise your discretion in picking out colours in the paper stock. Though generally lighter colours or pastel ones are preferred so that the printing contrast achieved is maximum, however, some market shades are also quite popular, especially if you are thinking about using metallic accents or embossing motifs on your a4 folder.
  • Choosing to add stylish accents to your folder can really up its game. You could use design elements such as using metallic foils to give a contrast to your design or creating a 3D effect with the use of embossing or debasing. You could even go ahead and combine the two techniques together and achieve a dramatic embossed effect on your presentation folders along with metallic foil accents. Apart from that another fun and creative addition would be to use textured paper for designing your presentation folders, that could really help in setting your designs apart from the average A5 folder out there. You could also use techniques like die cutting that help in altering folder shapes and also their pockets, this would create an instant design element different from other presentation folders being used by other businesses.
  • As a cardinal rule the paper quality of your presentation folders plays an important role in what the final printing output would look like — the thicker the paper the better the printing quality that it will exhibit. One great method to increase the premium look of your folders and also enhance its shelf life is to just reinforce its edges which would make it much stronger, both in looks and utility. Apart from this, you could exercise your creative control on the number of pockets that you would want the presentation folder to have, you can even have three pockets on your folder instead of three with an extra pocket being created help in segregating content or even including extra elements.
  • Last but not the least, one of the best ways to entice new potential clients is to include a prolific array of multimedia elements ranging from actual multimedia elements to things like business cards CDs or memory cards and pen drives, etc. If you do decide include extra multimedia elements then you need to design the folder in a similar fashion, that not only ensures safe holding of all the extra elements, but also works around it, in a manner that will help the client remember to take a look at all the extra visual aids that you have included in your design.

Thus, designing your presentation folder with more thought helps in making them much more effective and leverage their potential fully. Go through a brainstorming process with your design team and think of novel ways that ideas can be incorporated to create visually appealing presentation folders that capture the attention of all your prospective clients and make them want to create a business association with your brand.