Security Guard License Ontario – What to Expect

Security Guard License Ontario is a professionally recognized safety certificate. It is issued by the Security Guard Industry Association of Ontario (SGI Ontario). The SGI treats this as the blue book for security guard training in Ontario. There are many advantages to getting a security guard license however it comes with its responsibilities. You have […]

Everything You Need to Know About SuiteCommerce

Netsuite is a software company that focuses on cloud computing and was founded in California in 1988. Many of its services aim to automate various professional services, manage customer relationships, and plan resources related to the enterprise, warehouse, or inventory. Netsuite was always involved in e-commerce since the early 2000s. In 2016, the Oracle corporation […]

6 Interesting Careers That Pay Well

Everyone wants a high-paying job, but not everyone knows what career field to pursue. If you find a job that you love, it will never feel like work. However, love won’t pay the bills or your student loans.  If the idea of a traditional high-paying job isn’t your cup of tea, we created a shortlist […]

What Are the Legal Requirements for Starting a Small Business?

  Your dream of adding “Boss” to your resume will soon be realized. Why? Because you’ve decided to start your own business this year. The good news? You’re in good company: You’ll be joining the ranks of the 27 million Americans who are currently starting or operating their own businesses. Of course, before you take […]