What Is Financial Reporting?

Have you ever heard someone talk about a ‘balance sheet’ or ‘income statement’ and wondered what they were? If so, you aren’t alone! These are documents that must be filed quarterly by public companies.  You likely don’t handle these documents often unless you are in an accounting or finance job. Whether you work in a private or […]

Is Your History Something to Worry About?

How confident are you that your history is not something you need to be worrying about again and again? One or more things from your past could in fact come back to haunt you if you’re not careful. With that in mind, what might worry you about your history? What Resources Can You Turn to? […]

6 Rental Property Tax Deductions You Should Know About

The latest statistics reveal there are about 11 million individual investor landlords. Are you one of them? If so, there are some things you might not know when it comes to tax rules for rental property.  When it comes to your investment rental property, make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck out […]

What Are the Different Types of Dumpsters That Exist Today?

Did you know that the concept of the dumpster as we know it today dates back only to the 1930s? George Dempster revolutionized how people think about trash. He created the Dempster-Dumpster, the first-of-its-kind waste disposal container commonly used to carry trash from container to truck.  Whether you’re working on a huge project construction or cleaning up after […]

Could Your Past Catch up with You?

Unless someone is a baby, they have a sizable past with which to think of and deal with. That said do you have any notable concerns that your past could in essence catch up with you? If you said yes, what are you most concerned about? From any run-ins with the law to one trying […]