Do you fancy testing out a weird fitness fad?

Every so often, a new fitness trend comes along. It sweeps gyms and exercise classes across the world as people look for more exciting ways to get fit. But, what are some of the strangest fitness fads that we’ve seen over the past decade? People who plog Plogging became popular at the start of 2018. […]

How e-Cigarettes and Vapes Functions?

The majority of e-cigarettes have: a cartridge or mouthpiece an element for heating a rechargeable battery one or more electronic circuit When the user vapes over the mouthpiece, the burner gets turned on by the sensor, that evaporates a flavorful, liquid solution held in the mouthpiece. The individual then “vapes,” or inhales, the aerosol service. […]

Is glucophage safe to take long term

Metformin, also infamously known as its trade name Glucophage has been clinically used for over 60 years. It is the most common first-line of oral tablets, belonging to the biguanide category of anti-diabetic medication. Apart from benefitting the cardiovascular system, it also has tolerable side effects on the gastrointestinal system. In the latest development, Glucophage […]

Neurologist – His Role and When to Consult

Neurology is the science of the brain and the Neurologist is a medical specialist who helps to treat the disorders that are related to the nervous system. The neurologist does not carry out surgery and if the patient needs surgery, the neurologist will direct the patients to the neurosurgeon. These professionals are responsible to treat […]