The Perfect Visit to Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls are three in number. They all have a name that describes them. If you walk along them on the Canadian side, from north to south (from the bridge linking Canada and the United States), you will see them in this order: American Falls Bridal Veil Falls, right next to it, and much narrower […]

Best Foods In Lombok, IndonesiaYou Should Try

Who states Lombok is the same as any other beach escape or cultural destination? This tranquil Mediterranean neighbour of Bali also provides exotic foods which are completely different from other foods that are Vietnamese. Their specific taste, in addition to their pungent aroma, is the centre of attention, leaving curious foodies in awe. Here would […]

Wonderful Batam Indonesia with All Its Beauty

Suppose you have gone on holidays with different collections of friends. In that case, you’d be aware that there are two forms of travellers: the individuals who plan way ahead of time and those who are willing to drop everything in a moment’s notice to get a spontaneous trip to nearly anywhere. Whichever group you […]

The Way from Yogyakarta to Borobudur You Must Take

You have likely been on the lookout to visit Yogyakarta if you’re currently reading this guide. Yogyakarta, or Jogjakarta, is one of the regions in Indonesia. Vacationers come from both domestic and international tourists. Not only is this city full of cultural and historic landmarks, but it is also full of hospitality and warmth. Yes, […]