Caldwell Kearns Family Law: Marital Privilege and Divorce

Generally, any forms of interaction between the parties involved in the divorce process can receive coverage during their union, but this kind of situation usually ends when the courts dissolve the relationship or marriage. There are some legal loopholes or exceptions that both parties can take advantage that will provide their ex-partners with the ability […]


  U.S marriage laws are very important. They are put in place for intending couples to know what they need to go through by kicking off the whole process of getting married in that particular state. When talking about marriage laws, it is described as the requirements needed by a couple to ensure the validity […]

Social media and personal injury

Not many may know, but there is a significant connection between social media and personal injury. If your injury is due to someone else’s negligence, you should make sure to file a compensation. However, at the same time, you should be aware of the fact that the defendant’s insurance company will do everything to save […]

What protection is given to a whistleblower?

Deciding to blow the whistle on the illegal behavior of your employer is no easy task. Lawmakers were well-aware of the risks that employees faced when speaking up, which is why they put whistleblower laws in place to protect them. When you notify the government about fraud, you gain several important protections which we will […]

Why You Should Hire An Attorney for a Car Accident 

  Car accidents happen every single day. Most people that have a car accident don’t really know what to do or how to proceed in a way that protects their legal rights. Since car insurance is a legal requirement, the first thing people usually do is contact their insurance company. Of course, this is after […]