6 Common Reasons Why Insurance Companies Deny Fire Claims

A house fire is a devastating and traumatic event in anyone’s life. It not only damages or destroys the structure itself, but also the contents including precious mementos, pictures, clothing, and other valuable items. It isn’t just fire damage either. Even areas where the fire may not have reached will have water damage from the […]

Getting US Citizenship after Marriage

Marrying a US citizen won’t mean you will qualify for a US citizenship immediately. However, you might be entitled to a US green card and that will eventually grant you US citizenship. However, you should make sure that certain requirements are fulfilled before you apply for a green card and eventually US citizenship after you […]

What Is Family Law? The Basics Explained

What you know about marriage is wrong. The statistic that half of all marriages end in divorce isn’t true anymore. Over the last ten years, the divorce rate has declined by 18%. So what will family lawyers do if fewer people are getting divorced? Well, these legal professionals do so much more than process divorces. […]

How Do I Find Good Trust Litigation Attorneys Near Me?

If you face a problem with a Will and are looking for “trust litigation attorneys near me”, be sure to read this article. A trust is a legal creation whose intention is to hold assets for beneficiaries. Trust happens when an individual (the “trustor” or “settlor”) makes a legal relationship by giving another individual (the […]

Important Aspects and Consequences of Divorce

Are you contemplating to end your marriage? If yes, you should know the fundamental concepts of divorce before finalizing a decision. Residency Requirements for Divorce First of all, it’s important to ensure that you meet the residency requirements of your state before filing a petition i.e. a formal written request for divorce; otherwise, you won’t […]

Should I File a Lawsuit? What to Consider

  Did you hear about the Subway lawsuit? A disgruntled customer sued Subway for false advertisement and won a $500,000 award settlement. It turns out that the foot-long sandwiches were really only 11 and ¾ inches long. Every day courtrooms see all sorts of different lawsuits, ranging from property damage to injuries, and more. If […]