5 Common Home Interior Mistakes You Should Avoid

Most of us never make a checklist when it comes to planning for home interiors. Hence, you end up buying stuff you don’t need. We often look at something and think that this furniture or interior looks good, we should buy it and with this impulse you waste a lot of money and time. To avoid such a blunder, you should hire an interior designer instead who can look after all such aspects. Here are more common errors you must avoid making when planning your home interior.

  1. Not determined on the interior theme

Most people tend to invest in accessories, rugs, furniture and upholstery that end up being useless. But how will you determine what is worth investing in and what is not. The best way to invest your money is deciding what theme you want for your home interiors. You can choose between minimalist, traditional, modern rustic, Scandinavian etc. Once you determine the theme you want, it would become easy for you to decide what items you want for your home. This will keep the high expenditure at bay. It will also help in drafting a budget for your home interiors.

  1. Lighting

The most common mistake is to go for wrong lighting. The type, placement and color of the light are the most important factors to consider when framing the interiors of your home. To begin, you can choose a perfect lighting by how much natural light your home has, followed by the surface of the roof if it is mounted or recessed and the lux level of light. The light intensity needed in the home is referred to as lux level. For general lighting, recessed light is perfect. You can also have wall lamps and pendant lights for ambient lighting. But, accent light is used for highlighting an artwork. You can have task lights for kitchens and study areas. For home warm lights, yellow lights are the best.

  1. Keeping heirloom or hand me downs or too many décor items

The artwork which you have installed in your living room or bedroom or an antique that you have kept in your room may simply look out of place but since it was given to you by someone significant or has been in the family generation for quite a while, doesn’t let you get rid of it. It is a good practice to declutter your home and be rigid to your theme that you have selected for your home. A lot of memories are attached with such pieces, so it is difficult to get rid of them. You can donate them instead or pass it to someone who may need it more than you.

  1. Installing furniture against the wall

There was days when the furniture pieces weren’t smooth enough or clean like the front of the furniture, so the last resort was to place it against the wall to hide the ugly side. This would deteriorate the color or texture of the wall. But, today the back of the furniture is as neat as the front part of the furniture. The experts also suggest to demarcate the space. This gives more space to move around.

  1. Oversized furniture

Having an oversized furniture is a nightmare. For buying a huge furniture, you need to plan out a space for it. A bulky furniture in a small room can make it look messy.