Details That You Need for the Best In Psychotherapy

The time at which psychotherapy begins and ends, i.e., the period in which the patient will be treated will vary from the goals to be achieved and the problem to be treated. Some results can be achieved in periods of 6 to 12 months, but other processes within 3 years, however, there are more serious problem treatments that will require years of continuous work.

Psychotherapyhavening sessions, either in the office, virtual model or home care, most often last 50 minutes.

  • It usually happens once a week, and this number may vary depending on the severity and condition of the patient.Professionals must have  instructor-led virtual training and be licensed by the Regional Council of Psychology – CRP, which aims to guide and supervise the exercise of the profession of psychologist.

Therapeutic Contract

Last but not least is the therapeutic contract, that is, the clarifications of some factors, among them stand out:

  • Location and time of the session
  • Duration of psychotherapy
  • Secrecy
  • Fees (values ​​of each session)
  • Delays and absences

But when does fear or shame hinder the search for help?

Although for many people, psychotherapy is considered prevention, reduced risk situations, improved quality of life, problem solving, for others a seven-headed animal. Doing therapy or not is still a matter of myth and prejudice.

The fear and or anxiety of seeking help is often related to the judgment of others. It is because of this prejudice that many people take time to seek treatment.

So here is some information to help you in this impasse.

Important tips that deserve your attention

Look at the fact that psychotherapy is something for “crazy” only. Therapy is for everyone, even those who think they have no problems;

Understanding that psychotherapy is a treatment that aims to develop autonomy so that you can deal with your conflicts and problems, favoring mental well-being and quality of life, so delaying problem solving will only make it even greater.

  • To trust that the professional who will serve you is committed to maintaining confidentiality about the subjects spoken at during psychotherapy sessions.
  • Know that the professional has respect for their history and that there will be no judgment and criticism in the conversation.
  • Identify that psychological treatment is not only for the rich, as there is always flexibility for the value of the consultation.

You even try to identify why you arrived in this state. It’s the everyday stress, the anxiety. Relationships in the workplace, the non-stop boss, the high expectation you have about things also makes things difficult. It can also be a lot of self-esteem, the partner who only wears out your day even more and the children’s tantrums? The political crisis, the high price of things, that trip you wanted to go and it wasn’t that car you don’t have. This illness of a loved onehas the lack of time to be with oneself. It’s frustration after frustration.