Why Should You Have Plants in Your Office? 

The capital city of New South Wales, Sydney, is the most populous in Oceana with 5, 312, 163 residents, around 65% of the state’s population. It is located on the east coast of Australia, surrounding Port Jackson. The city has 658 suburbs across 33 local government areas.  

Sydney is among the top 10 cities globally that are greatly integrated into the global economy. Moreover, the city has 11th place on the Global Economic Power Index and at 14th place on the Global Cities Index when it comes to international engagement. 

In 2011, Sydney had around 451, 000 businesses, including 48% of the country’s top 500 companies. It also has two-thirds of the multinational corporations’ regional headquarters.  

With that in mind, if you are running a business in this city, chances are, you also want your business to become as successful as these huge companies around you. If you are going to visit their office, you will notice that they have one thing in common: they have plants as part of their interior office designs. 

All you need is to find a plant hire service that offers indoor plants in sydney. Read on, and you will know the benefits that your office can get from indoor plants. 

Plants reduce stress 

According to a study, plants can significantly reduce stress among workers. The record shows that after introducing some plants in an office, anxiety and tension was dropped by 37%. Depression fell 58%, hostility and anger reduced by 44%, and decreased fatigue by 38%.  

While the study was done in a small office, the study concluded that a plant in every workspace could dramatically lift the workers’ spirits, promoting good performance and wellbeing. Moreover, according to psychologies, the color green emits a calming and relaxing effect. So, decorating with green plants would set a good mood in your office. 

Plants increase productivity 

Plants can increase the workers’ productivity by 15%, according to research. Adding a plant per square meter can improve the employee’s memory retention and helped them score higher on some basic tests. A small plant on an office desk can make your employees happier, allowing them to work better. 

Plance reduces absence rates 

A study was done in 2015 that includes 7,600 office workers from 16 different countries. They have found that around 58% of these workers don’t have live plants in their workspace. The rest of the office workers with plants in their offices scored 15% higher on wellbeing and 6% higher in productivity than others without indoor plants in their office. 

Moreover, another study shows that introducing plants to an office can decrease ill-health symptoms, such as concentration problems, fatigue, irritation of eyes and nose, and dry skin by 25%.  

It makes your workspaces attractive to job applicants 

Startup offices have many open positions and need more job applicants to get these positions filled. Meanwhile, workplace design affects job seekers’ decision to join a company. So, if you need more workforce, you should consider working with plant hire services that offer lovely indoor plants in sydney to increase your office’s aesthetic. 

Aside from these benefits, plants can also clean the air and reduce your office’s noise levels. By having indoor plants in your office, you provide your employees with a beautiful and healthy workspace.