Why Should You Avoid Talking to Police If Accused of a Criminal Charge?

According to a CBSnews.com report, Chicago is ranked at 31st position in most dangerous cities in the US. The report mentions the violent crime rate at 943 per 100,000 residents. If the police arrest you for a crime that they suspect you have committed, they will try to take your statement to strengthen their case. 

However, an experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney would suggest that you avoid talking to police if accused of a criminal charge. Here are the reasons.   

Reason #1- Talking to Them Won’t Help

If the police officers want to talk to you, it means they suspect you are associated with the crime somehow, or you have committed the crime.  If they have arrested you, it means they have strong evidence against you, and your statement will only make their case stronger. 

Even if you are not involved in the crime or deny it, they won’t believe you in the first place.  They only assume the accused permanently deny the charges. If they believe you have committed the crime, let them collect and present the evidence in court. Talking to them will not help you in any way. If you face any criminal charge, the best thing to do is consult a Chicago criminal defense attorney. 

Reason #2 – Even if You Are Guilty, Don’t Confess the Crime 

According to leading statistics, 90% of the defendants plead guilty at some point in the case. Even if you are guilty of the crime, talking to the police will not make your life better. If you want to admit your guilt, you will get plenty of opportunities when the case comes up for hearing. 

Let your Chicago criminal defense attorney set up a deal where you get something in return for admitting your guilt. A better bargain would be immunity that is freedom from penalty or punishment. 

Reason #3- They Might Use the Information to Convict You

The Chicago police department recently released a report that showed 2020 recorded a 50% increase in crimes. There were around 769 murders in 2020, while 2019 recorded only 495 murders. 

Talking to police during interrogation is always a dangerous thing to do. You never know which sentence police will use against you. For example, if you are arrested for murder, and you said you disliked the victim, they will use the statement to prove you are guilty. 

The police will try to show you were present when the crime occurred and had opportunities to commit the crime. 

Reason #4 – They Will Videotape What You Say

As per Chicago crime data, there were around 1688 cases of robbery in 2021. The police offer will record everything you say and present your statement as evidence in court. It might be hard to recall what you said to them, but they will tell the court exactly what you said. There is a possibility you might not be able to recall your statements with 100% accuracy, which can go against you. 

Reason #5 – There Is a Possibility You Exaggerate Though You Are Innocent

It is common for people to go overboard and exaggerate things when under pressure. Many people speak white lies to convince police they are innocent. If the police have evidence that what you spoke to them is a lie, they will try to show that your entire statement is a lie.

To sum up, these are some reasons why you should not talk to the police when you are accused of a criminal charge.