Why artist personal portfolio websites is not necessary today?

As we are becoming an increasingly digital generation, everyone tries to take their products and services online. This applies even to the artists. In an effort to promote their personal work and to attract more art lovers to buy their work, most of the artists rush to build their online artist portfolio website. 

Creating a professional online artist portal and portfolio website is expensive these days. Your efforts cannot simply stop with building a website. If your website is to be useful then it has to attract enough visitors. Without getting enough visitors you will not be able to gain any visibility at all. So launching a portfolio website is not a solution to your needs unless and otherwise you invest heavily on building enough traffic to your website. 

You should not blindly come to the conclusion that artist portfolio website is not at all a good idea. It certainly has helped many artists but you should know when to invest in something like that. If you are getting started as an artist and your name is not yet recognized in the industry then it may not be the best time to create your portfolio website. It could wait for some more time. Meanwhile, you could sell art through the use of networks that are already existing. You will be able to improve the leverage the potential of the existing networks. In such networks you do not have to spend a lot of money. You may be required to share with the network a small percentage of the sale proceeds. In other words there is no upfront payment or expense. This will be ideal for budding artists. You could include the commission value also on to the artwork price. 

When you sell paintings through the help of well-established websites, you do not have to spend money on promoting the network too. Such networks would already be attracting a lot of traffic and it will benefit your profile as well. Even if a small percentage of that traffic trickles into your profile it will result in some sales conversions. You should therefore keep all these benefits in mind when you are trying to upload your work online and invest enough time to do things correctly.

Having said all these, listing all the benefits of using an existing work, we should also add an additional note that not all these networks are equally effective. You need to select the right portals to promote your work. There are number of good networks and hundreds of artists are already making a lot of money by selling their artwork in these networks. You should just know where to look for these top networks and how to identify them when you come across the right network. Once you manage to spot your partner network then everything else will start working in the way you want it to work. Of course you cannot expect things to work overnight.