Who Is Liable for an Amusement Park Accident?

Have you been injured at a theme park? While it may seem that the fault lies with the park itself, it is not always that simple. If you are seeking compensation, you need to understand this complex situation.

The rules governing theme park usage comes under premises liability. To know the best way to get the compensation you deserve, read our guide on amusement park accident lawsuits below.

What Can Lawsuits Include?

Amusement park owners have a duty of care to you, your family, and friends when you visit. They should have premises liability insurance which will cover them in the event that you have an accident and decide to sue them.

Claims can be made for any damages that have resulted as a cause of the accident. This may be medical bills or any lost wages. You can also gain compensation based on the amount of pain or suffering an accident may cause.

If accidents result in death, then a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed by the family members of the deceased. This could include funeral expenses and a loss of income the family has incurred.

What Type of Accidents May Occur?

Injuries at amusement parks may be caused by slips, falls, accidents on stairways, drowning accidents, or damages from faulty rides. Accidents may also occur through the parks catering, including food poisoning. This means that accidents at a park may come from negligence, premises, vicarious and product defect liability, or intentional torts.

Premises Liability at Amusement Parks

Premises liability is the set of laws that determine who is liable when an injury has been caused. This can be on land, in a building or in this instance, in an amusement park. These laws can vary from state to state.

As there is no national rules or standards governing the management and safety of theme parks, this makes the matter of premises liability even more complex. To properly determine who is at fault is a complex task that requires a specialist premises liability lawyer.

Amusement Park Accident Fault

The fault for amusement park accidents is not as clear cut as people may think, making any premises liability lawsuit extremely difficult. This is why you should hire a specialist premises liability lawyer to take charge of the situation.

In the first instance, the amusement park will have protected its interests in the event of an accident. Rides will have disclaimers attached to them, and there may even be a disclaimer on the ticket, saying that you accept the risk. However, this does not relinquish them of all blame.

Even after this, blame can be hard to apply as though you are in their theme park, the fault could lie with many different persons. This could be the theme park owner itself, individual employees, or the manufacturers of rides and products.

Get Specialist Assistance

With blame from an amusement park accident being much harder to appropriate than you first thought, you must understand the value of specialist legal advice. Search online or look in your local area for premises liability lawyers to get the compensation you deserve.

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