Which is Better – Steel or Aluminum Gutters?

Gutters came into existence since the time of Roman empires. They are essential to drain the rainwater. Also, they come in a wide range of materials and the most popular ones are steel and aluminum gutters. Today these are the most preferred materials used in modern houses. However, many may get which one to choose due to their same properties. To make thing simpler, roofing repair Kitchener by D’Angelo Roofing has identified the pros and cons of both. You can note them down from below.


Aluminum is having greater popularity in comparison to steel. Earlier steel was considered best. However, with time aluminum took its place. Apart from aluminum has more options in terms of styles, sizes, and colors.


Aluminum gutters are light in weight and thus, people can easily install them. On the other hand, you need professionals to install steel gutter systems. Also, aluminum gutters are installed quickly and are cheaper in price. For installation purpose, fewer workers are needed in case of aluminum whereas steel may require more.

However, galvanized steel gutters stay for a longer period having a seamless feature.


Galvanized steel gutters are compatible with all kinds of roofing material. They can get installed anywhere.  On the other side, aluminum gutters are not compatible with algae-resistant shingles or copper flashing. Aluminum gutters face corrosion due to moisture if copper particles in roof resist the growth of algae. Hence, it is not feasible to use aluminum gutter as it may fail during the rainy season.


In terms of the linear foot, aluminum gutters cost between $4 and $8 whereas steel gutters cost between $4 and $9. Various factors affect the installation costs can which includes a number of downspouts, bends and such. Seamless steel gutters installation cost is more.

$2 a linear foot is an approximate cost for aluminum installation.  For steel, the gutter installation cost is $3 a linear foot. This difference is due to the difficulty level of installing.


Aluminum is unable to withstand the extreme climate. It cracks down easily in extreme hot or cold temperature. This leads to more chances of leakage. Thus, in such circumstances roofing repair Kitchener by D’Angelo Roofing opts for galvanized steel as it can handle any kind of climatic changes.

Expansion and Contraction

Steel will expand and contract in extreme climate. It will not affect the gutter but can put pressure over hangers and screws holding them in place.


Both the material are resistant to rust. However, compared to galvanized steel, aluminum has the high resistant.


In this both rank high and can last for at least 20 years is properly maintained.


Steel gutters get chalky very soon. Hence, it needs frequent painting. Aluminum gutters need painting every 10 years.


Aluminum gutters crack often and so leakage issue is more in such gutters. Galvanized steel does not face such issue as a seamless option is available.