Where To Get Your Holiday Shop Merchandise For Your School Holiday Store Fundraiser

Are you thinking of how to run a school holiday store fundraiser, and you are wondering how it would pan out? Having a holiday shop set up is great, but you should ask yourself where you intend to get the merchandise for. It is wrong to set up a holiday shop when you haven’t thought about the key aspects of running one. Where will you get the merchandise from? How will you get students to patronize it? There are a lot of things that you should consider.

This is why we have focused on letting you know how you can get the perfect merchandise for your holiday shop in order to ensure that your school holiday store fundraiser succeeds.

You may be confused about where to buy your merchandise for your school holiday store fundraiser because there is a myriad of online stores that claim to offer the merchandise that you crave for.

The truth is that running a holiday shop is far from just going for any merchandise that you see. You want to make sales, right? This means that you should go for amazing items.

Anyone can say that they would love to supply your school holiday store fundraiser with gifts, but you have to find out how long they have been in business, and what are their policies like.

It makes no sense to can’t out business with a slippery fellow who ends up supplying you with merchandise of low quality or have policies that do not favor your school. You have to do a background check on whomever you decide to use. If it flops, you and your school will have yourselves to blame.

If you’re confused on who to use, try us today. You can run a check on us, and you will see that we have been in business for long years. We have created the tradition of bringing in amazing gifts from different parts of the world. We are also in the habit of giving schools innovative and brand new items that will intrigue students and have them buy your merchandise. You know that we live in an age where kids want to have the latest items, and that’s why we supply our clients with only the best and new things.

What kinds of merchandise is awesome for a holiday shop?

Not every item would do well in a holiday shop. It won’t make sense stocking your holiday shop with only school supplies. No kid would want to buy school supplies like stationery for their friends as gifts. What you want to do is to give your clients, which are the kids, personalized items.

You know that your target market is the kids in your school, meaning that whatever you decide to sell in the holiday shop must be kid-friendly. The fact that you are an adult and like something doesn’t mean that thing should be there, as long as it is not a kid-friendly item.

In a lot of situations, kids tend to purchase personalized things for their parents instead of purchasing general items. What this means is that since they want to show their loved ones that they love them, they will most likely go for customized items for their friends and family members.

You should consider getting items that have mom or dad embedded in it.

Having worked with numerous schools, we have come to know that kids tend to go for those custom gifts for their family members and friends to show that they love them.

We have ornaments that state words like ‘I love you, mom.“ We also have silver heart bracelets that state similar things too. With us, you will see mom glass mug, mum necklace, dad is a hero mug, and so on.

Affordable merchandise is best

As much as you want custom items, it is advisable that they are affordable. You know that your target market is kids, and they do not have a source of income. They depend on what their parents give them, meaning that you need to go for only affordable merchandise.

If you have the intention of getting every student to patronize you, whatever you sell must be affordable. We are talking about things that are below ten dollars. If it is above that amount, it must be very special. This is one reason that you should only go for gift companies like School Holiday Shop that can give you items that fall within that range.