Where can you Find Indian Roti in Toronto?

The Indian roti has over the period gone beyond the Indian boundaries and spread across the international food market, and in many countries the roti is dominating the recipes and menu. As you can find hundreds of varieties of roti in the rural as well as urban sectors particularly in in India as well as in famous Indian cuisines and restaurants such as Rotimatic, you may not find hundreds of varieties of roti in other countries. However, most delicious and flavourful types of roti are available in almost every country often with different names and with different ingredients. Often, Indian people while searching for their favourite roti in foreign countries get confused about the places of their availability. The below are the places in Toronto where you can get the best roti equivalent to that of Indian roti that is dominant in the Indian market.

The Mana’s Roti:

If you are in Toronto and looking for your favourite roti recipe such as Sheppard East slap paratha, dhal puri roti, seek for Mana’s Roti, and you will get your preferred recipe which is made by hand served on wooden stools and provide the best of satisfaction. However, some complex recipes of roti such as whole wheat and potato puri roti are also available here but by order only. Similarly, you can also get your favourite curry to accompany the roti such as mutton, jerk chicken, and on special days stew oxtail, curry duck, chicken Palau and curry shrimp.

The Gandhi Roti:

The Gandhi Roti is  at famous Queen West and legendary for its east Indian roti with many varieties such as roti and potato, roti and channa, roti and butter chicken, roti and lamb, roti and saagkofta etc. that can be available with extra spicy as per the preference of the consumers. You can also place an order of your preferred roti recipes in the Gandhi roti and can avail within a short time.One more attraction of this legendary spot is the price of the recipes which starts from $ 10 and if you place an order that is expensive you can even get a discount.

Ali’s West Indian Roti Shop:

You can find Ali’s West Indian Roti Shop in Parkdale place to eat your favourite paratha roti and dhal-puri often stuffed with spinach, bone-in duck, pumpkin, channa, stew goat, shrimp or kingfish. The dishes served here are marvellously delicious with wonderful flavour because of the spices used efficiently in the recipes. If you are looking for the roti with Indian taste and flavour, you should visit Ali’s West Indian Roti Shop and experience the taste of India.

The Roti Hut:

You can get open-faced roti in this Pitfield spot in Scarborough and the Roti Hut is well known for its roti recipe because of its establishment since the eighties. Most varieties of roti recipes along with curries such as goat, duck, chicken, shrimp and vegetarian such as conch, spinach, pumpkin, channa, potato etc. are served hot with Indian preferences here.

Besides the above spots, you can also find roti in other places suchas the Drupati’s, Pam’s Roti, Randy’s Roti, Roti Cuisine of India, etc. in Toronto, and may search online for more spots especially based on the reviews of roti recipe lovers in numerous online pages such as Rotimatic reviews.