When Should You Consider Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

When you think of immigration law, the first thing that comes to mind may be deportations.

While this is a major cause for seeking the services of an immigration attorney, there are various other situations that call for these services. It’s important to understand these circumstances, and to know when hiring an attorney is appropriate. It might be the difference-maker in achieving a favorable outcome for your own case.

In some cases within the American legal system, individuals can successfully represent themselves. This helps reduce legal fees associated with the case and can be successful with routine or straightforward matters.

In these situations, the savings may outweigh the benefits of hiring an attorney. But unfortunately, this idea does not lend itself well to more complex legal matters.

When it comes to immigration law, this is not usually the case. The legal system is complicated and can be difficult for a layperson to navigate. Plus, there is much at stake, making it even more important to achieve a favorable outcome.

Keep reading for more information on when hiring an attorney is necessary for immigration issues.

Knowing When Hiring an Attorney Is Necessary

Unlike other areas of law, immigration cases typically have a lot on the line. To ensure your rights and best interests are protected throughout the process, consult a trusted immigration attorney.

This is true for everything from simple petitions to more aggressive actions like deportations. But there are also issues beyond that of expired visas and illegal border crossings to be aware of.

One common immigration issue requiring legal help pertains to foreign workers. Employer-sponsored visas can grow complicated, with large amounts of supporting documentation needed.

While some larger companies have staff dedicated to these legal matters, smaller businesses may not have these luxuries. In these situations, hiring an immigration attorney with experience in this area can ensure the process runs smoothly.

Another reason may be to understand delays in the visa or citizenship application process. When delays do occur, it’s not always clear what is causing the backlog. It could be something as simple as a lost file, or a more serious reason.

This is where an immigration attorney can help. With their experience with the various government agencies behind the curtain, they can help shed light on why your case is experiencing delays.

Another common reason to consult with an immigration attorney is before court proceedings. Generally speaking, once the matter reaches a courtroom, it’s time to bring in a lawyer. At this point, the matter is usually too complicated for the average person to successfully handle.

These cases are unlike others in the legal system as there is so much on the line. Livelihoods, careers, and families stand at risk of destruction.

With so much on the line, it’s important to protect yourself and your rights. Hiring an immigration lawyer is the most effective way to do this.

What to Ask an Attorney

When seeking out an attorney, not all options are created equal. It’s critical that you carefully review your options to locate the right resources for your case.

Primarily, your attorney should treat you as a human being—not as a case number. Each client is unique, and each case should be treated as such. Your chosen attorney should be invested in your situation, working hard to achieve the best possible outcome.

Below are some important questions to ask before hiring an immigration attorney for your case.

How Experienced Are You in This Area of Law?

First, your chosen attorney should be an expert in their field. They should be educated and experienced in the realm of immigration law. This way, they will be able to competently and professionally handle your case.

Even for cases not requiring a courtroom, they should have a firm grasp on the applicable regulations.

Most legal issues regarding immigration answer to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This governmental body is within the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Within these regulatory bodies, there are a variety of rules and regulations that govern the immigration process. They are complicated and thus need a strong set of skills and experience to understand. Be sure your chosen attorney is highly familiar with USCIS, and how it applies to your case.

Furthermore, the attorney should be established in your community. This way, you can ensure their experience applies to the specific circumstances of your case.

Immigrants in California will likely have drastically different circumstances as compared to those in Vermont. With this in mind, your attorney should understand how the law applies to your situation and how to best adjust their strategy accordingly.

Are You Multilingual?

This is one important factor to consider that can sometimes go overlooked. Especially with the nature of immigration cases, there are often multiple languages involved. It is not unusual for clients to be fluent in a language other than English.

With this in mind, your attorney should be able to provide services in a common language other than English. If they do not, there should be supplementary interpreters involved. This way, communication is never a barrier to your case.

Do You Offer Flexible Payment Options?

Another factor that should not prevent you from obtaining legal counsel is money.

Most immigration law firms are aware of this—especially as immigration cases typically do not involve access to a wealth of resources. Plus, they tend to pop up urgently, meaning individuals may not have adequate time to gather the necessary funds upfront.

Instead, your chosen legal representation should offer flexible rates and/or flexible payments. They should be able to work with you to provide the legal services you need, with a realistic payment arrangement.

This way, you can focus on achieving a favorable outcome for your case without breaking the bank.

Immigration Legal Advice Near Me

Now you have a better idea of when hiring an attorney is a smart move in immigration cases.

With just a simple search for legal advice in your area, you can usually come up with a list of attorneys offering immigration law services near you. Be sure to carefully evaluate your options, looking for highly-reviewed and respected attorneys in your area. Hiring a trusted immigration attorney may just make or break your case.

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