When is it important to check public arrest records?

Ever wondered what public arrest records are? Or why it is important to do a background check? On a broader scale, a background check is a technique used in order to investigate someone’s background, character, and past affairs with the help of public data and available reports. A background check typically includes a person’s age, any aliases, date of birth, close relatives, crimes, public arrest records, marriage records, financial records, and social media presence, to name a few.

Public records generally contain information regarding lawsuits, marriage records, divorce records (if any), bankruptcies, and other such civil issues. However, when people ask for a background check, they want to retrieve information regarding any warrant search, criminal records, public arrest records, and other such criminal information. Anyone who decides to make an effort to search for these records will find that it is available.

When is it important to check public arrest records?

Public arrest records will reveal any convictions for felony and other criminal activities. A thorough background check will also reveal any pending criminal cases against a person; arrests leading to conviction also have a high chance of appearing in these checks. However, records relating to juvenile conviction and detention are most often sealed by the court. These records do not appear in the public arrest records.

It is not possible to always trust someone or judge their character because of how they portray themselves. So when is it really necessary to check public arrest records?

  1. Before hiring an employee

The truth is, people, lie, cheat, murder, and commit heinous crimes. When employers do not do a thorough background check or ignore checking public arrest records, chances are, a criminal could be hired, leading to something horrific. More often than not, people lie on their resumes, and that does not end well. So when you do not run a proper background check, it is termed as negligence on your part as an employer. What’s more, you could be sued and have to face a lawsuit in case of any damage that occurs due to a relaxed background check.

  1. Protect your employees

As an employer, you are responsible for the safety of your employees. Co-worker violence is a common sight in companies that do not conduct proper background checks or public arrest records. Moreover, most of the workplace fatalities in workplaces occur due to violent acts and assaults carried out by the colleagues of victims. Also, homicides are more common in workplaces than you can think. When you check public arrest records, you will have a clear picture of who you are hiring and can possibly avoid a homicide or fatalities at the workplace. 

  1. Protect your customers

Protecting your customers has to be a priority on your list as an employer because they give you their trust. An unnamed company once hired Jesse Rogers, who had multiple larceny convictions, as a home healthcare aide. They did not run a background check on him neither checked his public arrest records. Rogers murdered a 32-year old quadriplegic, and also a 77-year-old woman who he was supposed to care for in an attempt to get away with the additional thefts he had committed. The company was sued for $26.5 million in the year 1999 after the parents of the 32-year old victim sued the company for negligent hiring. Running a check on any employee’s public arrest records is a crucial step when it comes to protecting your customers and their interest.

  1. Avoid the choice of wrong employees

Most employees lie on their resumes. Due to this reason, it is not feasible to appoint an employee on the basis of their resume alone as you cannot distinguish between the lies and the truth without running a proper background check. A background check will give you an idea regarding each detail of the employee’s life, including personal, financial, and criminal records. A public arrest record will also give you details regarding any offenses and crimes they might have committed, thereby helping you avoid the wrong employees for your organization.

  1. Avoid monetary repercussions

When companies hire employees without checking their public arrest records or finding out about their history or any details related to any crimes they might have committed, the company could be sued for negligence. By running a proper background check, you can avoid any monetary repercussions.


Checking public arrest records might seem like an intrusion of privacy, but it is perfectly normal and legal to do so. You need to ensure you’re safe and protected at all times, whether it is your boss, your employee, a neighbor, or even a potential date. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and with SpyFly, you can check the public arrest records of anyone you want to in a minimal amount of time and at the most affordable price. SpyFly can also help you get a detailed and comprehensive report that is enough to judge a character and whether or not you want to take it further with them.

SpyFly provides consumers affordable, immediate access to public record information. Federal laws prohibit businesses from using SpyFly’s service to make decisions about employment, insurance, consumer credit, tenant screening, or for any other purpose subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq.