What You Need to Know About Epoxy Flooring

The floor finish is one of the most crucial components of a home. If you think about it, floors – whether in your garage, living room, bedroom, and kitchen – take a beating every day. Several people walk on it, you make occasional spills, and even drop certain objects.

A floor finish can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. This is because it can complement your interior design theme, colour palette, and improve the overall ambience of your home.

If you are searching for floor finishes, but having a hard time, then you have come to the right place. This article will discuss the essential information you need to know about epoxy flooring.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a type of floor finish that consists of a combination of polymer resins and hardeners. The two-part epoxy system of hardeners and polymer resins creates a substance that is resistant to degradation, and one of the most durable floor finishes in the market. There are different types of epoxy floor finishes, which include the following:

Self-Levelling Epoxy Floors

This type of epoxy floor finish is best used for repairing purposes. It is perfect for applying to damaged, cracked, and old floors that are uneven. By choosing this floor finish, you will create a durable, smooth, and levelled surface for the floor of your home.

Epoxy Mortar Floors

This type of epoxy flooring is composed of 100% solid epoxies and mortar. This is ideal for floors that need to be chemically-resistant as well as withstand heavy impact.

Quartz-Filled Epoxy Floors

Quartz-filled epoxy floors are a combination of quartz sand and epoxy polymer resin. This type of floor finish is best applied for decorative spaces in your home. Also, this epoxy flooring features slip-resistant and sanitary characteristics.

Anti-Static Epoxy Floors

Electro-static charges (ESD) can be hazardous in areas of the home that contain flammable materials, such as the garage. Anti-static epoxy floor finishes can drastically reduce ESD hazards in your home. Thus, preventing unwanted accidents, such as house fires, in the process.

Epoxy Flooring is Durable and Scratch Resistance

Epoxy flooring is considered as one of the best floor finishes because of its durability. Epoxy flooring is made from industry-grade substances, which makes it tough and hard-wearing.

Rest assured that even if heavy objects are accidentally dropped on your floor, there will be no deformities or dents.

Unlike conventional and traditional floor finishes, epoxy flooring is abrasion-resistant. This means it does not get easily scratched, and scratch marks are not visible to the naked eye. If you want a floor finish that lasts for years, epoxy floor finish should be your top choice.

More Hygienic Floor Finish

Traditional floor finishes are hard to clean because you can’t use cleaning chemicals to remove hard stains; this is not the case for the epoxy floor finish. Epoxy flooring is resistant even to harsh cleaning chemicals, which means you won’t have any problems cleaning it.

Epoxy flooring also has a seamless floor installation of which harmful microorganisms have no chance in thriving in. This makes your rooms more hygienic because the growth of bacteria and proliferation of viruses are decreased.

More Stylish Because of Aesthetic Appeal

Flooring is a crucial component of the home because it plays a great role in interior design. Flooring is also one of the first things visitors notice when inside your home, which is why you need a stylish floor finish. Fortunately, an epoxy floor finish provides a solution to this predicament.

You can choose from several decorative epoxy finishes to make your flooring look more stylish and aesthetically appealing. Epoxy finishes such as flake, marble, and metallic are some of the best choices to achieve that designer look for your home.

Epoxy flooring is undoubtedly the best choice for the floor finish of your home because it is the superior choice among other flooring types. Be sure to contact a reliable and trusted flooring service to get high-quality epoxy floor finishes.

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