What Type Of Mattress Is The Best For Your Body Type?

Mattress just like clothes do not have a one size fits all perspective. Although all mattresses look similar, there are loads of components on each of them that makes them unique and has a great impact on the comfort level and long life of the mattress. With so many types of mattresses available today, it is hard to find out which one will work best for you. Let us take a look at the various types of mattresses in detail.

Innerspring Mattress

The innerspring mattresses have a network of steel springs that are set to support the mattress. The springs are tied together to form a single unit and, in some mattresses, they are individually wrapped too. The thickness or gauge of the coils differs and the wire used to make these springs varies. The lower the number of springs in the mattress, the support of the mattress is thicker. Usually, the gauge numbers range from 12 to 18. It is one of the factors that you must consider before making a purchase.

Latex Mattresses

Slowly, mattresses made from Latex material is becoming popular. The main reason these mattresses are so popular is because of the comfort it provides. Also, the mattress has a natural bounce and responds quickly to any movement which makes it popular among people buying them. Latex material is created from rubber trees. Therefore, it is a natural material and lasts longer than an average mattress.


Hybrid mattresses provide the best of both worlds by combining the goodness of spring coil and latex mattress. The spring coils are topped with a layer of foam material. This helps in minimizing the movements in the mattress thereby providing ultimate comfort. Also, if you have a sleeping partner who shuffles frequently while sleeping, a hybrid mattress does not allow his movements to affect your sleep.

Memory Foam Mattress

The best thing about memory foam is that it contours itself according to your body. It facilitates great sleep and also repels mites and bugs. For patients who suffer from allergy-related illnesses such as asthma, memory foam mattresses are the best choice for keeping the mattress clean and dust-free. There are also different types of memory foam such as gel and open cell. The mattress is called a orthopaedic memory foam mattress due to its ability to reduce joint pain. Memory foam provides the best comfort and protection at the same time.

Mattresses based on body types

Light Body Type 

Depending on your body type you can choose the best mattress. Thin people need mattresses that are soft. A firm mattress will not support their body sufficiently leading to shoulder pain and muscle cramps. A softer mattress prevents the body from sinking into the mattress and provides good spine support. Lesser density in the mattress means the lifetime of the mattress is also longer providing the best comfort for a longer period of time.

Heavy Body Type

A person who weighs more needs a mattress that has the perfect combination of soft and firm. The thicker mattress offers better protection for the coil but if it is too thick, it can offer no support to the body. This can lead to back, shoulder and hip cramps. A high-density foam mattress should come in handy for heavy body types.

Tall Body Type

Tall people have a serious issue of fitting into a mattress. Even the king size mattress is not sufficient for anyone who is more than six foot. This means they are always forced to curl up and sleep. The best part is that there are different sizes now in the king-sized mattress which can help you overcome this difficulty. An XL-sized California king mattress is the best one for tall sleepers.

A good mattress is essential for getting great sleep. Invest in a good brand such as Wakefit for optimum comfort at an affordable price.