What To Repair First When Selling Your Home?

There are several reasons why you may have to sell your home but, it is important to make sure your house is sellable. While you need an experienced real estate agent to get you the best buyers at the best deals, there are steps to take in ensuring your house is sold rightly.

A vital step in making sure your house qualifies for the real estate market is making sure that all basic repairs are done; so that the next owner won’t have any holdbacks during their property inspection.

There are several things which you may have to restore to optimum condition if you plan to sell your home profitably. However, some of these should be given more priority than others. Here are the first things you should consider repairing or replacing, when selling your home.

  1. Walls

Patches, cracks and fading paint are things which some potential buyers look out for in a house that is for sale. Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint, fixing the cracks and patches of wood or plaster are all easy ways of increasing your house’s market value. You can easily get this done with DIY tips for painting, and make it an activity with your significant other or close friends.

  1. Floors

There may be creaks in your floors or stairs which you have gotten familiar with, but will ultimately be strange to a new owner. It could very well ruin your chances of selling the house so it is important to make sure that all tiles are brightly scrubbed, carpets replaced and properly vacuumed.

  1. Plumbing

Check, double check and check again, to make sure all pipes are in good working condition. You may need to hire an expert plumber to fix leakages, clogs and other damages which you may be unaware of –basically, make sure that all things are working rightly for the new owners.

  1. Fixtures

Other fixtures in the house such as lights, drawers and the little things assigned to the ‘handyman’ of the house should be fixed and replaced as need be. It could be the smallest thing, like a loose door knob, that may discourage the best buyer from agreeing to close the deal on your house.

  1. Kitchen

There are basic standards for kitchens in every home and if yours happens to fall short of these standards, it may cost you the deal to sell your house. Update your cabinet designs and kitchen design theme to modern standards and increase your home value.

If you are unsure about what needs improvement, a real estate agent can you help you improve your home to marketable value.