What to Do After a Catastrophic Fire Injury in Oakland?

Oakland has high humidity levels of 72% and is conducive to fire accidents. Over 25 people were killed in fire accidents in Oakland in the year 2009 alone. Fire accidents can result from several events. Gas leaks, wiring issues, and chemical spills are common causes of fire injuries.

Fire accidents can cause severe property damages and personal injuries. You will need the guidance of an expert personal injury attorney Oakland if you are an Oakland fire accident victim. Besides causing severe medical injuries, fire accidents can also cause heavy financial losses. 

What Qualifies as a Fire Injury in Oakland?

Victims who sustained second and third-degree burns from a fire accident can claim fire injury damages in Oakland. The fire may be triggered by malfunctioning kitchen equipment or by careless handling of items like cigarettes. You can file for fire injury damages regardless of the cause of the fire.

The professional knowledge of an expert personal injury attorney in Oakland may be necessary to prove that you are not at fault. Psychological issues like anxiety or PTSD consequent to the fire accident can also qualify as “fire injury” in Oakland. 

You may be asked to submit medical bills and other relevant documents to prove that you sustained a fire injury. Stats show that over 15% of fire accidents in Oakland happen in workplaces. Suppose the fire happened at your workplace or commercial space. You may be able to establish that the injury is your employer’s fault or the business owner’s fault to claim for personal injury damages.

What Damages Are You Eligible For?

Fire injury victims are eligible for both personal injury damages and property damages. If you file for personal injury damages, you are eligible for:

Medical Benefits

The medical benefits you are eligible for would be based on the severity of your injury. If the injury has left you temporarily or permanently disabled, you may be eligible for disability benefits. Your fire injury claim should cover your treatment expenses and related expenses. 

Burn injuries are expensive to treat. Reports show that you could end up spending up to $30000 to treat a severe burn injury. Removing permanent scars and other treatments for muscular mobility and flexibility issues may cost even more. Working with a personal injury attorney is vital if you want to claim personal injury damages and compensations. Victims with permanent or partial disabilities are eligible for:

  • Temporary disability benefits
  • Permanent partial benefits 
  • Permanent total benefits

Employees who sustained permanent disability from fire accidents in a workplace are eligible for up to 70% of gross weekly wages as compensation. If an employee dies from a fire accident, such an employee’s family is eligible for death benefits. Both scheduled and non-scheduled losses are covered for fire injury damages. 

What You Should Do After a Fire Accident

If you sustained a personal injury from a fire accident, the first thing to do is to get immediate medical attention. Your fire injury lawyer may also ask you to collect relevant evidence in the form of photographs or written submissions. You will also have to submit medical bills to file for damages.

Contact Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Call your personal injury lawyer at the earliest if you are the victim of a fire injury or burn injury. Your lawyer will help you make the relevant submissions and file for damages.