February 8, 2023

Kefalonia is the best Greek island without any question. It is very beautiful and full of natural and historical attractions area. And you always have a choice where to go and what to see. Everything you can find in Kefalonia is gorgeous. Of course, if you are limited in time, you have to make a list of the most beautiful shores, historic towns, and atmospheric cafes you’d like to visit. Remember that some places are comfortably situated not far from the main cities at a time when others can be found at a driving distance from the airport.


Make a plan for your trip

First of all, you should hire a car. Of course, think of hiring a car with a baby seat if you’re traveling with kids. Car hire in Kefalonia airport will give you any additional option you need and ask for. Planning to walk around, just leave the car in the hotel parking. Here, in Greece, the most of parking spots are paid and secured. So, have you already made a plan where to go? The places you want to see above all must be at the top of your list. What do you think of visiting the most beautiful local beach – Myrtos? Also, you should think of going to Fiskardo on the northern tip of the island. If you have more free time, you can drive around the island and spend some time in the quiet. Go online to find more suggestions?

Find the best time to visit Kefalonia

It is not a secret that summer and early autumn are the best periods for visiting Greece. What is more, this period is less busy and especially good for vacations and family trips. You have an opportunity to swim, go hiking, or just relax at the beach. Then, the heat goes down and you’ll get a good chance to find the cheapest hotels, cars, other tourist services. It is called off-season and attracts family tourists the most.

Find the best things to eat in Kefalonia

There is one dish you should try to taste in Kefalonia. This is a traditional local cod pie, made of rice, aromatic herbs, greens, and garlic.

Find the best thing to drink in Kefalonia

Kefalonia welcomes visitors with the most famous wine, called Robola wine. You can find it almost in every restaurant and cafe on the island!

Find the best thing to have for breakfast in Kefalonia is

Do you know what a traditional Kefalonian breakfast is? In the hotel restaurants you’ll have many tasty things for breakfast. But locals usually eat fresh-baked bread with local feta cheese, big Kefalonian olives, and eggs. You can also take some honey and butter.

Three Main Stops in Kefalonia

1 stop

Go to Myrtos Beach

It is impossible to visit Greece and doesn’t spend time at the beach. What do you expect from the local beaches? Let us guess, you want to enjoy white sand, azure water, gentle wind, and a mountain perhaps. Myrtos Beach is situated between two mountains. It’s a beautiful quiet place. Come here in autumn, winter or early spring when there are no many people and you can relax and cool your feet in the water.

2 Stop

Go to Asos

This charming village can be found not far from Myrtos. Just drive your car to the north along the seashore. There is a Venetian castle of the 15th century. So, if you have some time you can first, go to Assos Castle, and then visit one of the few restaurants in a quiet town. You have a chance to try something special that all the locals usually eat. Finally, have a swim on the small beach not far from the hotel. By the way, you can find many hotels and hostels near you.

3 Stop

Go to Sami and Antisamos Beach

The next stop of your road trip must be in Sami. Unlike a sleepy and quiet Asos, this place is mysterious and atmospheric. To get there you have to cross the island, see the hills in Madeira, and local vineyards. Kefalonia is a small island and if you decided to hire a car for your trip, you can make a stop wherever you like and ask for an excursion, wine tasting, or just picnic. At last, you have a chance to visit the wildest beach in this territory, called Antisamos. Actually, it is always full of people and has a well-organized infrastructure. Coming here in the off-season, you’ll be relaxed and peaceful. Here, you can have a late dinner and take a night walk along the sea.

Kefalonia will impress you with its amazing views and interesting people you can meet while traveling. Remember that the quality of your trip much depends on the season you are traveling in, transport, and organization. Just follow our advice and start making a plan right now. You’ll see that the most beautiful place in Greece is not the capital.