What makes Nissan a reliable car?

People searching for a new car encounter many brands that each tout their own advantages. They are faced with the prospect of buying cars from different manufacturers and then deciding which make is going to suit their needs the best.

Nissan is one brand that we have on the lot at Auction Direct USA. This is a brand that many satisfied customers stand by, and here’s why.

Nissan comes from Japan, which is known for its excellent workmanship on vehicles. Their cars come with cutting edge technology and many people have been satisfied with the quality of their Nissan purchases. There are a couple of things to consider, though.

  • New Technology Issues: Cars with new technology, such as the newest Nissan vehicles, may work out technology issues after they are on the road for a while. Sometimes, these problems require recalls or repairs.

Conversely, older, used Nissans are more “tried and true”, cheaper, and can be more reliable because their technology issues have been ironed out already.

  • Caveat Emptor: Not all Nissans are equally reliable, though, and you have to shop around for the right model. For example, the Micra has a great reliability score of 34. The Note is another reliable vehicle with a score of 33.

On the other hand, the Nissan Navara isn’t reliable with a score of 198. The Pathfinder also shares a similar score to the Navara and so it’s generally not one’s first pick for a reliable car.

Overall, Nissan has many great cars, but you need the help of an honest car dealership to guide you to the right models.