What is the density of the mattress?

Density means how much weight applied to a part of the mattress it can handle without deforming. It is important to understand that this factor is not unique to the weight of the individual, as the impact of 80 kg of someone with 1.60 m is totally different from a person with 1.90 m. An important point regarding density is to understand that the parameters between foam, and spring mattresses are completely different. While the former is defined directly by a table, in the latter the supported weight will vary according to the type of material with which it is made.

A lot of people are in doubt about the size of the best Mattress in India, but this is a major concern for buying the bed. In this case, just look for an indication of whether it is double, queen or king and choose the one with the same specifications as your bed. The brand is also very important if evaluated at this time. It is recommended choosing those that have better reviews, and fewer complaints.

Density of Foam Mattress

Unlike the spring, the memory foam mattress in India has a more complicated configuration. The advantage is that there is a table that facilitates, you only need to see what your weight and height and find the type that is best for you.

Spring Mattress Density

Each type has a bearable weight range such as bagged and bonnel. This variation ranges from 1 kg to 100 kg, regardless of height. Who has more than that, will have to look for special materials. It is important to note that if the mattress supports 100 kg, two people with this weight can use it without problems.

Latex density

Composed of a natural or synthetic rubber core, they are usually the most expensive. Latex is perforated to ensure good ventilation and to regulate firmness. They adapt to the body, have reasonable ventilation and good insulation. They are suitable for both wooden and spring stands. Now buy this latex mattress online in India to get the best comfortable sleep ever.

Water mattresses density

They adapt well to the body, but with movement can cause some noise and make it difficult to sleep. Made up of a water-filled rubber or PVC bag, are heavy and difficult to carry. True orthopedic mattresses consist of viscoelastic gel or foam. This material allows for optimal pressure distribution, and prevents injuries to bedridden patients. Very expensive.