What Is the Course for Pre-Licensing for Driver’s License?

In the NYC area and some other states, it is a mandate to opt for pre licensing course NYC; when applying for the driver’s license. This is not just necessary for the reason that it is required to be eligible for getting the driver’s license, but also for its practicality. This is a 5-hour course broken into different subject areas.

  1. Driving in HTS (Highway Transportation System)

This is where a learner comprehends the various rules, regulations, signals, protocols of the HTS. Since all drivers have to get out of the city sometime and drive on the highway, it is necessary for a learner to know and absorb everything related to it. It will safeguard not just the driver in question, but his/her passengers as well as the other people driving on the highway.

  1. Skills and Habits of the Driver

This may sound a bit absurd to new drivers, but yes there are some skills and habits of drivers that have to be either acquired or developed. These have to do a lot with the way a driver enters/exits in a parking lot or gets into/out of a highway, manoeuvres the vehicle in crowded space as well as on the highway, eating or smoking while driving among many other things. Some of them are highly recommended, while some of them are prohibited but many still do it. Distinguishing the difference between what works best for a driver as well as what could probably create trouble later; makes for an efficient driver.

  1. Taking Risks, Attitudes, and Feelings

Exponentially vital to the safety of self, co-passengers, and others on the road as well as beside the road. Knowing when and how much risk to take while driving with speed, brakes, overtakes and turning radius makes largely for a safe day or a disastrous end of the day with many people involved. Attitude towards the safety, machine, vehicle and others is what keeps a driver out of getting into trouble with other drivers, while controlled feelings doesn’t allow a driver to get over-speeding or into a fit of road-rage.

  1. Driving Under Influence (DUI)

Driving being influenced by alcohol or drugs is a major problem among many. Especially for the young, who tend to get their driving license and then they go out on a party spree with too much of alcohol to celebrate. It all ends up in an accident. This part of pre-licensing makes the driver aware of the various states’ and country’s permissible level of alcohol consumption prior to driving. It also explains the penalties and consequences of DUI.


The driving license can’t be procured without following the above four parts of a pre-licensing course.