What Is Special About The Moissanite Solitaire Rings?

Many of you out there, may have a fascination with solitaire rings. And why not? They do deserve a lot of attention. Solitaire rings concentrate on the band mostly. It maximizes the focus on the single piece at the center. The bigger the carat weight, the pricier the piece. That is how the market rates it. Generally speaking, a solitaire ring has a 1 carat central stone. You may go for a larger price depending on your budget.

Moreover, you can go for some variations. The central stone can be a big one, with some smaller stones on the shoulder of the ring. The main factor that determines the price is the type of gemstone used. There are the 4C’s in the market that determines the pricing such rings. It is cut, color, clarity, and carat.

Now, many of you would ask, why call it a ‘solitaire?’ It is today, looked up as a symbol of companionship and marriage. It is the most preferred engagement stone. It has a classic and timeless appeal, which few other pieces can match with.

Alexander Sparks is selling some of the most beautiful solitaires today. You can select the pieces on their online stores. Moreover, people are thinking above the diamonds. There are so many choices in the market today. Jewelers are using a variety of gemstones like Sapphire, Aquamarine, Moissanite, Morganite, and Citrine to name a few.

They stock some of the best Moissanite solitaire rings. So, why do you think, people are choosing this stone more than diamond today? The reasons are pretty obvious.

  • You can save a few thousands in the cost. These engagement rings are value for money. You are getting it at a fraction of the cost of diamonds. Some people dream of owning the best diamond rings. However, how many actually can? You can now buy solitaire rings in 1,2 or 3 carats. Moreover, there is choice of the metal as well. You can settle for either white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum.
  • Moreover, you must have heard of Charles and Colvard Forever One Moissanite stones. They are the world’s premium patented producer and all stones are manufactured under stringent conditions. All the stones are produced to lessen the negative environmental impacts.  They have reduced traditional mining practices and have concentrated their efforts on generating these lovely pieces from the laboratories.
  • They are ethical producers of the stone.

Now, you might think ‘why only buy from Alexander Sparks?’ Moreover, there are so many other retailers. There are several advantages of buying from this retailer. They are believers of quality. Moreover, they deliver nothing but the best. You will also get authenticity certificates. They are selling these pieces at the best prices. Moreover, they can ship the product through trusted shippers. That ensures, your priceless possession reaches you in good condition and within time. These are doing very good business today.

Moreover, they offer a 30-day return period. So, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can replace it and even get a refund. Moreover, there are flexible payment options like cards, cheques and gift cards. Furthermore, you can also upgrade the pieces. However, you need to produce the original bill, and the certificate. If you ever need to sell the pieces, then you can do it within 2 years.

You will also receive free education on the upkeep and maintenance of the piece. The history and origins are clearly stated along with other guidelines pertaining to your pieces. So, you are totally informed about what you are getting into.

Moissanite Rings NYC

You get so many different varieties on the online store. You will seem to be confused. There are engagement rings, wedding rings and rings for all occasions. There are various designs and makes to choose from. There are solitaires that can steal the show anytime.

These solitaires are the preferred mode of exchanging your wedding vows. The most popular ones and hot sellers are the Becky, Britta, Brooke, Brooklyn, Skully, and Yana solitaire rings. Becky costs $1,895 and is quite in-demand in the market today. It sports a dazzling Forever Moissanite with a cathedral style setting. There is a hidden diamond halo, that is not visible from the top. You can choose to set the gemstone in yellow gold, white gold, platinum, and rose gold. With each change of metal, the appeal also changes.

The other varieties include Britta, that is another gem of a stone. It is a bit highly priced, but not like diamonds. It comes at $3,295. Moreover,this is an exquisite design featuring a solitaire engagement ring. It comes with a round forever one gemstone by Charles and Colvard. Moreover, it sports a six-prong stine setting in the center. The beauty of this engagement ring is multiplied four-fold by the 6 prongs that micro pave the diamonds.  The makers also offer various choices of metal options, along with a variation in ring size. You can customize this ring further as per your choice.

Have a look at the beautifully set Yana ring. This is emerald cut that is making news recently. The stone is set with prongs and has a dazzling shoulder of diamonds. The sparkle will be hard to miss for onlookers. This is a cocktail solitaire piece that is a perfect accompaniment for your engagement. You can also use it as an April birthstone. Set it in a metal of your choice. Now, set it in your favorite metal and make heads turn.

There is so much that you can do with Moissanite solitaire rings. There is no dearth of setting type or metal. With so much choice, why will people not veer towards the gemstone. Moreover, price is a huge factor. With such fractional costs, anybody can now sport a Moissanite Rings NYC. With more than a 100 designs, there is nothing much to stop you from your exquisite engagement today. This is the best time to invest in one.