What is packaging and why is it required?

  • Packaging has a lot of things involved in it- It gives room to the content that needs to be packed, it also prevents from wear and tear of content while shipping from one place to another.
  • It helps in avoiding oxidising of content, which might worsen the content
  • It helps to identify the product.
  • It gives maximum convenience to the user
  • It is a promotional tool which helps in increasing sales.

Classification of packaging on the basis of level-

  • Primary Packaging

This type of packaging is made for the items that are in direct contact with its contents inside. This is the first packaging box [กล่องบรรจุภัณฑ์, which is the term in Thai] that is used for enveloping the content and holding it. These packaging can be seen in items like medicines, chips packets, plastic sealed contents and various other small items which are required in daily life.

  • Secondary Packaging

This secondary packaging is done to store the primary packed items which are small in size and large in quantities. For example- Medicines are small in size and thus larger quantity will have to be stored in a bigger box which is the secondary pack.

  • Tertiary Packaging or Transit Packaging

The tertiary packaging which is also known as transit packaging is used in bulk handling of stored contents. This tertiary packaging will help in easy transportation and shipping of goods from one place to another. Usually, after a company has manufactured items, these are first primarily packed, then it gets into a bigger box which is the secondary package and then to transport it from one place to another, it gets shifted into a tertiary packaging. This kind of packaging is normally a container box made of metal and is transported via trucks, trains and other modes of transportation. The most common form of packaging in this tertiary packaging is a palletized unit that packs tightly into the containers.