February 8, 2023

Philippines payroll is one of the most critical documents in companies, whether you are a small or giant corporation. This holds all your employees’ data, along with the details of their salaries, benefits, and more.

The payroll is under the responsibility of human resources, along with other administrative tasks. And because the HR department has a lot of things to handle, committing errors can be inevitable.

Luckily, there are HR software companies in the Philippines that offer their services to help the HR department of many businesses. One of their services is the human resource information system (HRIS). 

An HRIS is a cloud-based system designed to handle an increasing volume of data. They are used to manage employee benefits and pay. HRIS also allows you to automate the payroll process, deduct employee benefits from wages, and keep you informed of tax changes. These systems can connect you with other enterprise systems and sync data with your other HR and financial software. 

This system has been existing since the late 1950s. Since its creation, it has aimed to free up your HR team to focus on more strategic functions. Another goal of HRIS is to reduce the chance of costly errors and cut labor costs by automating tasks.

The HRI systems have a wide range of features and differ according to your needs. They can streamline training journeys and give you a detailed view of your employees. Moreover, HRIS aims to improve productivity. 

Great Day HR for your HRIS Needs

Because this system is nothing new, many companies are offering HRIS services. However, not everyone can deliver what they have promised. Therefore, you must be keen in choosing a company for your HRIS needs. 

The first step you should take is to identify your company’s needs. From there, you can start creating a checklist and a short list of HRIS vendors. Your checklist must be updated from time to time and compare your needs with the HRIS products on the market. 

Great Day HR is one of the most reliable agencies that offer HRIS services. 

Serving since 1999, we can guarantee our consumers that our innovative HRIS and Payroll programs are tailor-made to meet your company’s needs. Our system is also masterfully designed to automate and simplify your business’s human resources requirements.

A more comprehensive detail about us and our HRIS and Payroll Software is available in this infographic.