What Every Telecom Industry is Focusing for 2019?

Last year of 2018 was indeed a transformational year for the telecommunication and networking industry, that inspired the thinking people in this sector take a few more bolder steps to make the 2019 an equally promising year, if not more.

The consumers have driven the data consumption higher than ever before, fueled by the increased usage of mobile and broadband services especially in the IoT devices. This has soared up unprecedented amount of pressures on all the related networks as the trend of unlimited internet caught the market across the globe. What saved the faces of the industry at this crucial hour are discussed in brief below:

Ushering the 5G Network

With the gradual growth of internet usage, the networking industry has to make ways that can handle the pressure of data consumption. The first thing they did to meet the requirements of the consumers is taking longer strides in 5G network development, while launching more and more number of commercial 5G products in the market across the oceans. They are also creating test beds to see how this next-generation network will perform when tried in diversified real-life situations in the coming years.

With 5G network coming into the picture we can expect to see the access of 1GB to grow to 10GB while the 10GB aggregation will move towards 100GB to cope with the growth of 4G to lay the ground ready to be sown with the seeds of the new core networks bearing 5G advantages.

The 5G research and development that are being emerging from the other industries are adding to the potential of the 5G technology revolutionizing the way internet can enhance their whole gamut of services.

AI exclusive OTT and value-added services

2019 is also going to set another standard for the over-the-top (OTT) service growth, as people are streaming high quality videos and public is demanding for more providence to use non-linear media. In this scenario, the next thing that became successful in meeting the demands is the boost in OTT adoption as well as consumption, that can deal with further financial pressure by creating the required infrastructure to help out the network operators.

Along with the introduction of 5G, the year 2019 is most likely to see some further efforts dedicated from the people of the internet industry and one of them is the  OTT solution that are helping the price set downward while easing out the pressures of last-mile connectivity. All this are contributing in building up the customer loyalty.


The bad news of data breach and compromised network of data has left us bewildered through the year of 2018 and before. But trusted source of IT industry has confirmed that the year of 2019 will bring sufficient changes to this scenario with the introduction of Efficient IP that will start applying a critical security patch to resolve this issue. As and when networks are becoming increasingly software-defined, the internet industry is assured with a new infrastructure that will help out in developing new business-wide encryption.

Overall, for the year 2019, the internet industry is seen to be holistically involved and focused on building up a network security that will enable the encryption transition to reach a more effective and secured technology.