What Design Options You Have For Interior Hallway Designs

The hallway plays an important role in the entire apartment. Depending on the shape and area, you can beat this space in different ways.

The interior design of apartments with a large entrance hall usually provides for a spacious area for meeting guests, furniture for rarely used items – seasonal clothes, shoes or sports equipment. There are also interesting design solutions for small or narrow and long rooms.

Interior Designer Case Study

So, for example, a long hallway can be delimited by a small ledge on the wall, an arch or a conventional doorway into two zones, the entrance area and the corridor itself.

In the entrance area, a small wardrobe or clothes hanger is usually installed, a shoe rack, if it is not provided in the closet, a small cabinet for a telephone and other accessories.

Also, if necessary, a chair or ottoman is added to the interior for convenience. The corridor itself, if its width permits, can be used as a storage system. Depending on the width of the space on the sides, you can install a closed cabinet for things or bookcases with glass doors – ideal for owners of a rich library.

If the space does not allow you to place full-fledged wardrobes, you can get by with racks and shelves.Any storage design can be tailored to customer needs. When in doubt, it will be good to engage in a good interior designer that can help you achieve your dream home design.

The Placing of the Mezzanines

Often, mezzanines are placed in the hallway under the ceiling for storing household utensils or blanks for the winter. This design will help visually expand the space, but at the same time reduce the height of the ceiling.

When drawing up a design project for the hallway, it is important to take into account the placement of electrical fittings, sockets, switches and lighting in general. A full-length mirror is often installed in the hallway, so sufficient lighting is required. If the room has been zoned, lighting can also be thought out by zone.

As for the color scheme and the choice of finishing materials, then you can give free rein to your imagination. A wide range of building materials is now presented. As interesting accessories, you can choose framed photos, housekeepers, umbrella stands or floor pots with flowers.

Bathroom design

Many people believe that the bathroom was created not only for hygiene, but also for relaxation – taking a bath, or energizing – a morning invigorating shower. Therefore, it is important to think over all the little things when designing. As a rule, space zoning is used in the bathroom. There are basic rules:

  • zoning should not impede movement around the room;
  • do not put the toilet in the foreground;
  • for each zone you need to think over the lighting;
  • you cannot use several zoning techniques at once.

Most often, the bathroom area and the toilet area are divided. Partitions, podiums, color schemes or different lighting are used as “dividers” or boundaries of zones.

Last Words

When choosing a partition, remember that its height should not reach the ceiling. If several partitions are installed, they must be of different heights. Partitions can be of different shapes and materials, or, for example, with a built-in aquarium. They can repeat the irregular shape of the bathroom, they can be solid or sliding. It is recommended to install darkened or transparent partitions with a pattern or relief, so as not to burden the space. Nowadays, wallpapers with 3D images are popular, for example, with a view of the beach and sea.