What are the WebWatcher Alternatives? 

WebWatcher has come a long way and provides the benefit of parental control. It can be installed on PCs and mobile devices. One of the prominent benefits of WebWatcher is that it is extremely beneficial for business organizations and guardians to keep a check on employees and children, respectively. You should know how to install Webwatcher on Android. However, there are several other alternatives to WebWatcher that you can use. 

With the help of a Webwatcher, you can monitor one phone’s activities or one device on another. Moreover, you can keep track of all the information recorded, and it will be stored in the cloud. WebWarcher works effectively across different platforms and comes with different frameworks such as online networking checking framework, geo-area framework, IM, program blocking, email following, action reporting structure and various other features. 

Some of the common alternatives of WebWatcher that you should be using include the following

SpyTech SpyAgent

SpyTech SpyAgent is one of the most prominent platforms that is beneficial for managers and guardians. With the help of this platform, you can keep a check on your employees and children. The application notifies the parents of their children who are actually working on the net or indulging in any illegal activity. 

The common features of SpyTech SpyAgent that have contributed to the popularity of the application include content shifting framework, reporting framework, observation framework and security and stealth structure. 

Witigo Parental Feature

Another great app to feature great parental control is the Witigo Parental Feature. It is a multiplatform parental control programming that provides the benefit of different features. You can use it on PC and mobile devices. However, Witigo Parental feature comes with a wide range of features that help you safely browse the internet. It helps to build a customizable approach that can suit the requirements accordingly. 

Salfeld Child Control

With this platform’s help, you can ensure your children are browsing the internet safely and securely. It provides better benefits than other Windows operating systems. 

With the help of Salfeld Child Control, parents can restrict children’s activities in terms of accessing websites, browsers, and messengers. As parents, you don’t want your children to be browsing the internet’s illegal and adult websites. The wide range of features such as content blocking, internet filtering, email notification alert system has contributed to the application’s popularity. 


As the name suggests, WebCensor is one of those platforms that censors children’s activity on the internet. It is one of the most popular platforms to prevent free foulness. With this platform’s help, parents can censor the usage or completely prevent their children from using swear and terrible words. 

It can easily run across different platforms, on your web, as well as your phone. It is extremely easy to use and has particular inclinations that can be extremely beneficial for restricting your children’s activity over the internet. 

If your children are in the growing stage, especially in their teen years, it is essential to monitor their activities. It would help if you considered checking the applications thoroughly to monitor the activity of your children.