What Are the DUI Criminal Charges in Ventura, CA?

Ventura County, California, has stringent rules when it comes to traffic rules, DUI charges can lead to heavy penalties. With multiple educational institutes located here like Ventura College and Oxnard College, the number of young drivers in the county is pretty high.

Some of them do end up driving under the influence late at night, making it imperative that the county has strict DUI charges. You need a Ventura DUI lawyer if you have been charged. 

Here is a brief overview of the DUI criminal charges in penalties to know what you are dealing with. 

  1. Why Are Ventura DUI Charges So Strict?

The main difference between being charged with DUI in Ventura and any other county is that there are no plea bargains in Ventura if you are charged with DUI. DUI charges are often reduced to lesser charges in any other county, but there is no scope for that here. The intensity of the penalty will depend on whether you are a first-time offender or not, but you can rarely expect to go unpunished if you are found guilty. 

  1. What Kind Of Penalties Are Levied On Those Charged In Ventura County? 

The intensity of the punishment will depend on your BAC level and whether you have ever been convicted in DUI cases earlier or have had similar charges in the past. It will also be determined on the basis that whether driving under influence of alcohol or drugs has resulted in an accident, and subsequent injuries and death. 

Based on these factors, you can be incarcerated, levied heavy fines, your driver’s license revoked, sent on probation, made to enroll in the Drinking Driver Program, restricted from going to bars for a specific period, being told to install ignition interlock among others. 

  1. Will You Be Sent To Prison If You Are Charged With DUI?

In most cases, those charged with DUI are often sentenced to a jail term. Even for a first-time offender, the prison term could be between 48 hours to 3 years of probation. For those charged a second time, the prison time could be anywhere between 30 days to five years. It could be at least 120 days of prison term for third-time offenders, going up to 30 months. 

The jail term could be coupled with steep fines, license suspension, or attention to Ventura County DUI School. The fines for third-time offenders could be as steep as $3000, along with spending time in a drug or alcohol program. 

Penalties in Ventura County for DUI are very high, and the best way to avoid them is, of course, not driving under the influence. However, if you find yourself charged with DUI because you decided to have a few drinks at your friend’s party, contact a Ventura DUI lawyer. They are well versed in the law of the county and will be able to present your case in the best possible light, bringing down your penalties and prison term as much as possible.