What Are the Different Types of Dumpsters That Exist Today?

Did you know that the concept of the dumpster as we know it today dates back only to the 1930s? George Dempster revolutionized how people think about trash. He created the Dempster-Dumpster, the first-of-its-kind waste disposal container commonly used to carry trash from container to truck. 

Whether you’re working on a huge project construction or cleaning up after a home improvement, the last stage is always waste disposal. 

Due to their size and portability, dumpsters provide a practical and secure method of disposing of garbage before reaching a landfill. When it comes to types of dumpsters, there are various alternatives. These differ in how they load, the sort of garbage they hold, and how they are delivered.

Different Types of Dumpsters

Let’s take a look at the most common types of dumpsters. Thereafter you can determine which one is the greatest fit for your disposal requirements.

Dumpster for Construction Sites

These enormous, open-topped dumpsters may be used for various applications and are often hired temporarily by construction sites.

Due to the wheels on the bottom that assist in hauling the containers away, construction dumpsters are often referred to as roll-off dumpsters. They have a capacity of between 10 and 40 cubic yards. They are an excellent choice for various cleaning operations, including renovation, demolition, roof breakdowns, and yard debris.

A Dumpster for Commercial Sites

Commercial dumpsters are the containers you’re most likely to see at establishments like eateries, petrol stations, and parking lots. Generally, these dumpsters are hired on a long-term basis. They will have frequently scheduled collection of garbage by dump trucks. 

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A commercial dumpster is often equipped with a lid that aids in reducing smells, repels pests, and keeps out environmental factors. Commercial dumpsters are classified into two types.

A Front Loading Dumpster

As the name implies, a front-load dumpster is loaded from the front onto a truck. It often has a slanted top that allows rubbish to be dumped in. Additionally, the container has slots on the side that allow a dump truck’s prongs to enter and hoist the dumpster up and overhead.

With capacity ranging from two to eight cubic yards, front-load dumpsters are a simple option for everyday garbage.

A Rear Loading Dumpster

In comparison, a rear load dumpster has a sloping back and extended poles. The contents of the container are emptied onto a truck through a hinge and winch mechanism. The truck manually latches to the backload dumpster and then pushes it upward, allowing the rubbish to fall into the container.

Dumpsters for Residential Use

Residential dumpsters are comparable to construction dumpsters, except for specialized residential chores, such as cleaning out garages or basements. They are rented temporarily and are removed whenever they are full.

Residential dumpsters come in various sizes, from tiny bins for minor garbage to enormous driveway-safe trucks.

Choosing the Right Dumpster

The optimal dumpster size for your project will depend on the quantity of waste and the nature of the job.

Sometimes, the dumpster type will influence the size, as seen above. The best advice is to speak to your dumpster specialist for help in choosing the right one for your job.

Dump It Right!

We hope this article has given you some insight into the different types of dumpsters.

Due to their storage capacity and agility, dumpsters are actually the garbage disposal industry’s superstars. 

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