What Are the Benefits of Vaping? A Simple Guide

Vaping has become increasingly popular with almost 55 million customers. Many nicotine users have switched to vaping with the plan to quit smoking or want to take advantage of the many benefits. Learn about the health and other benefits of vaping compared to smoking with this simple guide.

Vaping Doesn’t Produce Tar

Tar is a harmful by-product of cigarette smoke. It covers the trachea, causing damage to cilia hairs that protect our lungs. The lung damage that is then created by tar build-up causes major health issues.

Vape devices and liquid don’t produce tar, making this one of the many vaping health benefits. This results in less worry about tar getting into your respiratory system. It also means that you’ll have less of a risk of developing lung disease.

You Can Control the Amount of Nicotine You’re Vaping

The addictive chemical in tobacco products is nicotine. Health officials warn that nicotine can cause serious health problems, specifically with your respiratory system. Vaping allows you to modify the amount of nicotine you’re consuming.

Some vaping liquids come with no nicotine at all. Those products that do have nicotine come with various nicotine levels and options to choose from. This is possibly one of the biggest health benefits of vaping.

Vaping Is Cost-Effective Compared to Smoking

When you consider that a pack of cigarettes last only a few days, vaping becomes a cost-saving option. The e-liquid that’s used in vaporizers lasts two to three weeks. Vaping can save daily cigarette pack smokers almost 92% on costs, and here are some costs that you can expect:

  • Vape device cost: $5 – $50
  • Vape mods (box mods): $30 – $100
  • Replacement cartridges of vape juice (e-juice or e-liquid): $1 – $5
  • Regular vape juice or nicotine salts: $10 – $35

Flavors Enhance the Vaping Experience

With traditional cigarettes, you’re stuck with the stand tobacco flavor or menthol. Vaping takes advantage of a wide array of flavors, and this is included with the e-liquid you supply in your vape device. These days customers can choose from fruity flavors and unique dessert-like flavors to enhance the vaping experience.

Many e-juice manufacturers and brands realize that vaping should come with customization. Bottle Shots are a great example of e-liquid that comes in a multitude of flavors. From blueberry, menthol, to custard — there are flavors for anyone to enjoy.

Vaping Has Reduced Odors and No Toxins 

When learning how to vape, you quickly realize that the persistent lingering odors from cigarettes are nonexistent. Vaporizing has far fewer odors associated with it and the odors that are produced actually smell quite pleasant. Depending on the flavor of e-juice you buy, you’ll experience temporary odors that smell like fruit or your favorite dessert.

There are also no toxins involved with vaping. Tar in cigarettes creates harmful toxins such as lead and hydrogen cyanide. Since vaping doesn’t use tar, you avoid these toxins and enjoy a 95% safer experience compared to smoking.

Enjoy the Benefits of Vaping

There are many benefits of vaping to take advantage of. Whether you desire a healthier alternative to smoking or want a customized experience, you can find many e-liquids and vape devices to suit your needs.

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