Warm up emails is a delicate process of interaction between the sender, the email service, and the recipient. You will have to work for days to get a good result and consider both the interests of the mailing services and the specific recipients of the mailing list. And of course, in time to promote the interests of the company, the business.

To make such a warmup quickly and without a lot of manual work help services, such as Reply.io. Such a service will automatically be able to perform the most complex procedures:

  • the option of warming up a new name;
  • maintaining a good level of mail deliverability;
  • removing the email address from spam.

But to properly configure these options, to use the full power and resource of an innovative solution, you will need a general understanding of what email warming is. And what trends are relevant today.

Cleaning lists: regular and to the point

As a rule, the use of email services is used by those who have already built-up thousands of subscribers and have at least basic experience in email marketing. But it’s important not to forget – clearing your mailing list of clients who are clearly ignoring messages, unsubscribing from the mailing list, or sending emails to spam should be done rhythmically and very carefully. This affects the accuracy and relevance of the mailing list. And if you translate such actions to a language understood by the algorithms of email services – to define the mailing as a spam attack. If a person clearly reacts negatively to a mailing, removal from the list should not occur after a month of repeated messages.

The automated deletion process should work right away. And this ex-client should be removed from the mailing list on the same day. Having even dozens of such addresses re-receiving emails after explicitly not receiving them can lead to a reduction in mailing volume. And then a significant restriction on the use of email options.

List cleaning rhythm and tips for restoring subscriber activity

Regular cleaning of lists should take place at least once every 5-6 months. It’s not about those who unsubscribe, but simply don’t show activity. Interest these people with an updated version of the mailing list or other content which has not been sent on behalf of the company before. Such options are available when quality segmentation of customers and recipients is done. 

It is important to know the needs of customers, which can be studied through dialogue in social networks, through a survey, as well as by studying, at least selectively, the emotionality, content, and direction of the posts of regular subscribers who have lost activity. This will be a clue to the formation of updated content and a new list of recipients.