Visiting Bali Island with Kids

Though there are very few holiday destinations that you cannot travel with your kids, there are still some that do not have many activities to offer kids. This could lead to a nightmare for you considering that kids love having fun and need to see things that make them happy. You do not have to worry about travelling with your kids to Bali Island because the island has many kid-friendly activities for the whole family. 

Even before thinking of the activities to engage in with your kids, the first concern is to find a hotel that will accommodate the whole family and have activities that the kids will enjoy. Below are the best places to stay with your kids and some of the best activities to keep them busy during their visit to the island. 

Kid-friendly hotels and activities in Bali Island


  • Where to stay


If you are looking for the best hotel to stay in Bali, then choose to go with Ayana Resort & Spa. The beach resort is not only one of the best Bali Indonesia hotels 5 star rated with a kids club. Situated in a 90-acre and, the spa together with its sister hotel Rimba Jimbaran Bali offer swimming pools, restaurants that serve all kinds of foods and activities that cater for all ages. The kids club in the resort keeps them entertained and occupied while you and the other guests enjoy your visit doing other activities. 

The club has toys, an outdoor play area, playhouses, a trampoline, a TV niche and waterslides for older kids. The resort and hotel have enough family rooms with all the amenities you need and enough security around the clock. You can arrange to go and have a fun day outside the hotel and if you do not have a guide, the hotel will provide one for you. 


  • Bird Park


One of the favourite places to spend with the kids is bird watching at the Bali Bird Park. The park has over 250 bird species from many parts of the world that include Australia, Africa, Indonesia and Latin America among many others. A visit here enlightens the kids about the various bird species in the world. 


  • Marine Park


The Bali Marine Safari Park is another wonderful place to visit with the kids especially if they love animals. The journey to the park is an adventure by itself and it always leaves the kids thrilled. The ride is in a shield minibus that allows all the occupants to check out all the animals at the park there is always a guide present to tell you all as a group about the various animals and where they are from. 


  • Rafting


Many parents worry about the safety of rafting for the kids. While not all kids can go rafting, those aged above seven can enjoy their day Sobek Rafting at the Ayung River. The experience is very safe and you will all enjoy the white water rafting adventure.


  • Submarine Tour


Though the Bali Submarine Tour is more expensive compared to many others, it is worth every penny. You see everything that lives underwater around their natural habitat just as a scuba diver would. For the kids, it is like one big aquarium. The tour is also one of the activities kids cherish the most on the island. There is only one company in Bali Island that provides Bali Submarine Tour. The company, Odyssey Submarine Bali, holds the tour at Amuk Beach on the east part of the Bali Island. 


  • Turtle Island


Another very fulfilling tour for the kids is the Turtle Island Tour. Located on Tonjung Benoa Beach, the tour takes you to amazing green turtle conservation. It is even more fin because the kids can touch the baby green turtles which is the most joyous moments for the kids. The popularity of this tour makes it one of the best activities to do with your kids while you are in Bali. 

Wrapping it up

The above activities are just some of the many activities you and your kids can while away your time in the island. All the activities require affordable payments but they are all worth the money you spend. Once you see the happy faces of your kids, you may not even remember you paid anything. If you are visiting with kids, check with your hotel for a full list of activities you can do with your kids.