Unique Jewelry to Improve Your Goth Aesthetic

Are you looking to explore the world of Goth fashion? Or do you want to incorporate some of its elements in your outfit?

The history of Goth fashion goes several decades back. It first came into prominence during the British​ Punk movement of the 1970s. Some of the key characteristics of the Goth aesthetic include dark and mysterious homogenous features.

Today, Goth fashion remains alive and well. Even college students embrace Goth fashion to a certain​ extent. If it’s your first time to give Goth fashion a try, one of the best items to start with is through Goth jewelry.

What type of Goth jewelry should you wear, though? What unique Goth jewelry should you sport to take your Goth aesthetic to the next level? Continue reading below unique jewelry options.

Start with a Cross

Though the cross is a fixture in the Goth aesthetic, you can still come out looking unique depending on the type of Goth cross you wear. Interestingly, there are plenty of options that will make you stand out.

The most common option, however, is the Celtic cross. It features a circle in the middle and long arms protruding on its four sides. Though it may be a symbol for Celtic Christianity, it does come with hints of the Gothics’ pagan roots.

Generally, most Goth crosses come in silver. You can still find some bearing dark colors, though. Wear one around your neck and it will instantly catch the attention of everyone in the room.

The Heart and Dagger

One of the key elements that are of great value in Goth culture is man’s pain and suffering. Some Goth groups like the Fetish Goths even put this dark side of human existence in high regard. This affair between love and tragedy is an excellent symbol that you can wear in your Gothic attire.

Thus, find a Goth accessory that features the heart and dagger design. This unique combination of elements embodies tragic love. The heart signifies the willingness of a person to give everything.

On the other hand, daggers represent betrayal. Compared to a stab wound, a dagger wound brings more pain. A digger is easier to hide, making it one of the favorite weapons of assassins.

It is this type of betrayal that causes a fatal wound in the emotions of a person. Wear this design in the form of a pendant or ring and you have an instant conversational piece.

The Eye of Ra

Another romantic symbol in Goth fashion is the Eye of Ra. Though this symbol traces its roots to Ancient Egypt, it carries a different meaning in Gothic culture.

The Egyptian Eye of Ra represented their Sun god. However, the Goths flipped its meaning and turned it into a symbol for gloom and grim.

The Sun god Horus’ right eye represented the sun. Its right eye, however, represented the moon. It is the right eye that the Goths decided to adopt because of its darkness.

Apart from wearing eye makeup that depicts the Eye of Ra, you can wear the symbol in the form of pendants.


Continuing with the gloomy aspect of Gothic fashion, another key symbol that you can wear through jewelry is the pentagram. This symbol is controversial considering that people identify it as a Satanic sign.

It features a five-pointed star inside a circle. Some Goths use the straight standing star or an inverted one. This may be something that will not sit well for beginners in Goth fashion.

However, veterans wear rings with the symbol to represent their spiritual beliefs.

The Skulls

The skull design is another staple in Goth fashion. Like the pentagram, the skull represents gloom and often denotes death. However, the skull can also mean many other things.

A ring with a skull design can also represent humility. It means resigning to one’s self and embracing whatever may happen in death and beyond.

In Catholic tradition, the hermits wear the skull symbol as a sign of turning their backs against earthly possessions.

Meanwhile, Goths wear a skull pendant to honor it as a repository for human wisdom. This is because​ the skull houses the seat of wisdom, which is the brain.

Also, the skull represented the afterlife. Again, like with the pentagram, Goths wore skull pendants and skull rings to showcase their beliefs in life after death.

The Anatomy of the Gothic Ring

It is also important to discuss the anatomy of a gothic ring. It is one of the easiest types of jewelry to wear in Goth fashion. At the same time, it can represent practically everything about the Gothic culture.

As for the designs, some rings feature classic styles. Others offer a fancier vibe. When it comes to the shapes, they come in different forms depending on the message they want to carry.

Some of the more popular choices that feature skulls, bats, dragons, and other animals. As we mentioned earlier, you can also find rings carrying symbols like the pentagram and the heart and dagger.

As for the make, most Gothic rings feature steel. It is a favorite material because of its durability. Nevertheless, you can find some rings with silver textures.

What’s In a Gothic Pendant?

Like the ring, a pendant is another type of jewelry that you can start with if you want to try Gothic fashion. Generally, Gothic pendants are smaller versions of necklaces. And like the rings, they feature steel or silver.

However, some Goth pendants use special fabrics like velvet, leather, or satin. As for the designs, they also represent the same ones that you find in Goth rings.

Increase Your Knowledge on Goth Aesthetic

By wearing unique Gothic jewelry, you can easily take your Goth aesthetic to the next level. With so many options to choose from, you can find that perfect ring or pendant that will complete your Goth-inspired outfit. However, there is more to jewelry in the Goth aesthetic.

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