Understanding the Preconstruction Phase


Most of the people are not aware of the term preconstruction phase. The preconstruction phase means all those activities in a construction project, which a builder is supposed to complete. During the preconstruction phase, it is imperative to create a strategic plan with a budget and timeline.

Strategic plan development

After the project manager and the owner are ready to pursue a project, the first thing they need to do is to create a strategy. This line of action will make them complete the project within the timeframe. This includes budget and the estimated timeline for the completion. The strategic plan is also important for the construction team. It will serve as a guide for them during the construction phase.


This is one of the most important partsof pre construction condos Toronto because you need to create something unique, something different, which people have not seen before. First, you need to choose the members of the design team and additional stakeholders on board. Your team may consist of one or more architects and engineers.

Remember that you are going to create something different and this is a collaborative process. In this project,the architect and engineering team will work in accordance with each other for the successful completion of this project as per the design. The architect and engineering team will leave no stone unturned to make the owner happy with their skills. At the same time, they need to follow the safety and regulatory requirements.


After the design, a builder is supposed to follow the permitting process with the concerned authority. It may be a frustrating experience to take necessary permissions for the project especially for the new builders. This is because there are several permitting processes, which they need to follow, and this may be confusing.

Contractor selection

In the pre constructioncondostoronto phase, you can take the help of a reputed contractor. This will shed off the responsibility of arranging labor and other necessary things during the construction phase. The contractor will arrange his own labor. Moreover,the construction phase is full of risk for a number of reasons. Make sure that you are taking the services of an experienced general contractor for this job. The landowner can choose the specific content or through a bidding process. In this process project manager will invite bids from different contractors. The project manager, owner and other team members will evaluate bid submissions followed by an interview process to finalize the deal.