Undergoing a divorce mediation case in Singapore is overwhelming for the couple. They sometimes have differences that lead to emotional issues, such as anger, guilt, and even unexplainable angst they cannot comprehend. Aside from that, people can have their fair share of involvement, such as the couple’s parents who wish to control things or people from their social circles who know about the situation. While the family and divorce lawyer helps the client, the latter should still take steps to shape their mindset to cope with things.

The apparent solution is reminding yourself about the things you need to realise. In this article, let us explore some self-affirmation statements to help you manage the situation by shaping your overall mindset during the divorce mediation case.

Here is something from us: You can do it!


People trust the best divorce lawyer in Singapore because they want someone who can help and guide them throughout court hearings and other legal proceedings. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with things or hopeless about the situation, remember that the legal team you have trusted is there for you. Ask them questions if you wish to clarify some confusion you might have, keep in touch for regular updates regarding your situation, or even be open about facts that you forgot to say during the first meetings. They will guide you no matter what!


While the family lawyer in Singapore will help you go through all the legal proceedings and take care of everything, have balance in your life and realise that you also have to do some things. For instance, your divorce case is highly-publicised because you are a public figure. Listen to your lawyer if they tell you to avoid giving statements to media personnel or using your social media account to post things about your marital issues. Why? The effort also comes from you, and remember that nothing good ever happens if the client does not listen.


Marital issues and other problems with your partner often make people feel inadequate or not good enough for others. With this, try to remind yourself that you are valuable, a person of worth, and someone who will never force yourself into other people’s lives. Aside from that, never see the situation as something limiting your value and potential as a person. It is only a chapter in your life that serves as a lesson. Lastly, keep in touch with your probate and divorce lawyer in Singapore if you need extra help. They can suggest a mental health professional or take other steps.


Undergoing a divorce mediation case in Singapore brings about many changes in your life. Expect a new living setup, prepare to adjust your time with the children, or even be ready to distance yourself from the in-laws you were close to because of the situation.

However, remind yourself that these things are the usual effects of separating from your spouse, and a strong and resilient person like you can handle these things. Don’t worry because everyone can adjust to changes no matter what!


Wishful thinking or the idea of visualising a desirable future can be wrong because it only crushes your hopes. However, one thing about undergoing a divorce case with a probate lawyer in Singapore is realising that everything will turn out fine.

The caveat here is the acceptance of whatever verdict may arise. For instance, there is a possibility of not being awarded custody of your children, do not blame yourself or see this as a struggle when you can make the most of things. (Tip: Acceptance is the key while being hopeful for a desirable future that you wish to happen.) 



Whether it is an opportunity to connect with someone, taking a vacation after a stressful case with the family and probate lawyer, or even embarking on a new career journey, remember that a new adventure is waiting for you at the end of the finish line! Why? It lets you appreciate things after going through a stressful chapter of your life. Not only that, but you get to become someone you have always wanted and see it as an opportunity to collect yourself and build a new life that makes you happy and fulfilled.


We all deserve something good, whether getting out of a toxic relationship or a new endeavour to take in life. In this case, always remind yourself that you deserve all things good. It does not have to be something deep and fulfilling because people are different. For instance, do not feel shallow only because you want to buy a designer bag after handling things with the best divorce lawyer in Singapore or a new car to reward yourself. After all, things that make you happy are valid as long as they do not affect other people negatively!



It is not asking you to welcome back your spouse into your life or forgive people who have wronged you. These things take time and courage to do, so one thing to remind yourself of is about being ready to do these things no matter what. Your probate and family lawyerhave nothing to say about this, but the key is to rid yourself of ill feelings and negative thoughts against these people because things have passed. Lastly, start a new life and close this chapter of your book for more positivity.

Are you a woman worried about your rights during a divorce case? Well, remember that the women’s charterin Singapore is there to assure you of a fair legal process. Or do you have any problems settling marital issues with your spouse? Hire a criminal defence lawyer in Singapore to consult about other matters outside your marriage. With this, visit Quahe Woo & Palmer if you have concerns in mind.