Top Tips to Selling Your Home in Houston


4 Techniques Guaranteed to Quickly Sell Your House

There are many reasons to sell a home, but there are few ways to making selling your home a quick success. Green Residential is a real estate company that is skilled in doing just that, making selling your home quick an easy. Providing services in both commercial and residential real estate Green Residential works with homebuyers in creating the best plan using employing any of the four techniques used for quickly selling a house to an interested buyer.

Why Green Residential

Being in business for more than thirty years, Green Residential is the go-to real estate company for selling your home in Houston. Beginning with commercial realty, the Green Residential founders Leon Green and Harry Green added residential services to their business after realizing the need for a strong residential real estate agency in the Huston, Texas area that can provide exceptional property management services to homeowners interested in selling. For any homeowner interested in selling know that no other real estate company can compare to Green Residential’s staff of highly skilled and attentive real estate agents who have the experience needed to sell your house at the desired price in the timeframe you want. If selling your home in Houston, Green Residential is the only real estate agency with a strong track record of providing quality service responding to any questions or concerns promptly via phone or email (Green Residential, 2019).

Tips for Selling Your Home

There are four techniques guaranteed to improve a home owner’s chances of selling your home, and quickly. Working with Green Residential a homeowner can work with their real estate agent strategizing on using any one of the four techniques used to quickly sell your home.

  • Take Great Photos
    It has been proven by the National Association of Realtors that nearly half the people searching for a house to buy their search starts online. Of those that search for a house online nearly all of them will take more interest to advertisements of houses for sale that has photos showing off the house, over advertisements of houses for sale without pictures. Houses with the most appealing pictures receive the most attention from potential buyers (Mears and Thorsby, 2019).

  • Clean Everything
    No matter the time of day, any house for sale must be kept clean and neat. Potential buyers who come to view the house will be deterred from buying if the house is not well kept, especially in the kitchen, bathroom, basement, garage. These key areas must be prioritized. If you do not have the time to maintain the house yourself as the seller, it is in your best interest to hire a cleaning company to clean the house (Mears and Thorsby, 2019).

  • Depersonalize the Home
    Even if still living in the house, the house you are selling must be made neutral by removing all personal family items. To do this all religious and political items should be removed along with family photos, collectibles, and children artwork. Depersonalizing a house allows for potential buyers to do a walk through picturing the possibility of it being their dream home increases the chances of them buying instead of seeing it as your home (Mears and Thorsby, 2019).

  • Set the Right Price
    In today’s society, it is too easy for any house buyer to research the value of a house they are interested in. For this very reason, it is important that homeowners selling their house do so at a reasonable price instead of selling at a high price. Even if you lower the price when there is no one showing interest in buying it can be seen as a homeowner lowering the price due to something being wrong with the house. Set the selling price for your house too low can result in the same thought of there being something wrong with the house. Selling your house at the right price will attract the most buyers guaranteeing a quick sale (Mears and Thorsby, 2019).