Top Telugu Comedy Films

The production of films is becoming more and more sophisticated in the world every year. Every year recent films are released, which are refined with a graphic story and so on. Those of you who love movies will probably know that there are many genres of movies, but are they all popular? 

Telugu and the world trends

It is no longer a surprise to the world that Telugu does not lag behind the rhythm of the world. The Telugu film industry offers no less exciting and entertaining stories. This film industry produces films of many genres every year, but you agree that watching a tense story is always tiring. For this reason, we can present to you many comedy films released in the language of Telugu, which have proved to deserve the title of one of the best films in the world.

Perhaps many of you have wondered why Telugu and not any other big movie industry. Well,  the answer is simple. The quality and the stories of these movies is the key. So, if you are new, I highly recommend Telugu. Watch videos in aha ott and have fun with your friends.

100 percent love:

One hundred percent love is a beautiful work published in the language of Telugu in 2011, which received a brilliant response. The film tells the story of Balu and his cousin Mahalakshmi. Mahalakshmi comes to Balu’s house to continue her studies. Balu was always the first in college. When Mahalakshmi took the first assignment, he realized that he could not cope with it and went outside crying. Balu assisted him in completing the task, so Mahalakshmi took first place and Balu second. Balu is very disappointed with all this, so he is trying his best to prevent Mahalakshmi from studying and retake the first place.


Savaari movie is an excellent film that tells the story of Raju. He is a joyful man because he lives in Slum with his horse and thus earns money. His horse has severe heart problems, and he needs a heart transplant, which involves serious money. Raju collects money, but one day he meets Bhagi, who falls in love with her. One day, Raju’s horse will disappear. Raju will start searching, but he can’t find her anywhere. What happens next? Will Raju find the horse, or why did the horse run away at all? You can already see this in this beautiful movie.

Raja Varu Rani Gaaru:

Raja Varu Rani Gaaru is one masterpiece released in 2019, which was released in the language of Telugu and soon earned the sympathy of the people. This movie tells the story of Raja, who falls in love with one of the most beautiful girls, Rani. Yet Raja finds it very difficult to express her passion for Rani. They live in one of the most beautiful villages. One day Rani will leave the village and go to high school, but after a few years, she goes back to the village again. After that, Rani will meet Raja. What does Raja mix? Will you fall in love with Rani? You can find out in this genius work.