Top SEO Strategy Trends That Will Dominate Digital Marketing in 2019

The 21st century is clouded with complex predicaments, provided that digital age simultaneously exists. This digital era has solutions to every problem and SEO is the prime method of digital marketing through which digital age people are coming out of their technical dilemmas. SEO is the abbreviation of “Search Engine Optimization”. It is a kind of technique by which your website gets listed in topmost results of any search engine.  SEO teaches you how to enhance the content of your website for the top ranking on the search engine. However, you need to be strategically competent to adopt this method relentlessly. Therefore SEO strategy includes the implementation of numerous tactics designed to increase specific website’s traffic, get more pertinent outcomes and earn organic search results and in accourding to learn seo startegy you have to do digital marketing from digital markeing institute.

SEO Strategy Trends-

There are numerous strategies out there but how and when a strategy trend should be used is highly dependent on each individual situation. So it is highly recommendable one should use these strategies meticulously to get the best possible results. Because it can be possible that some trends give you fruitful results and some will become futile. A list of top SEO strategy trends that will dominate Digital Marketing in 2019 is given below-

  1. Understand Your Audience & User Intent –

It’s your responsibility to be aware about your audience preferences whether it is images, text, audio or video. After knowing the customer’s preferences you need to give them answers in the simplest way possible.  In spite of writing the best content and optimization, you can’t grow your business if that work is done for the wrong audience. It is the high time to stop matching the keyword phrases and focus on the correct answers to the reciprocal questions.

  1. Structured Data Markup Is Key –

AI has become most important for Google so the structured data is. Structured data is the key if Google wants to move from a mobile to an AI-first world. It doesn’t matter how good your AI is, if it is taking too much time to move the required information, it won’t be great. Therefore, AI needs fast processing of the contents and relations with each other. So it is high time to start using the structured data.

  1. Increase Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness –

There is another key trend which is trending in 2019 named as E-A-T in Google’s search quality rating guidelines. To know more about this E-A-T we must simplify this abbreviation. E stands for Establishing and growing expertise, A stands for authority and T stands for trustworthiness. It helps everyone to get where Google is heading in the short span of time. It makes SEO understand that quality always comes with content. If you are not already an authority on a subject it won’t be easy to rank by writing authoritative content.

  1. Invest in Technical SEO –

       There are some key areas to focus on SEO’s technical side such as speed, JavaScript and         progressive web apps. By the medium of speed, the website starts to become simpler and faster. The more years to come to the more chances will arise to get encountered with websites, which are heavily JavaScript driven. It is the peak time to be familiarized with at least a little JavaScript.

  1. Win with On-page Optimization –

On-page optimization is a key trend which needs to be followed in 2019. There are some key website optimizations such as content which provides answers for the common user questions, ensure that relevant results must be provided by internet site search, questions related to the business must be responded by customer support and users must be able to navigate to the physical locations.

  1. Get Ready for Voice Search –

It needs to understand that effective use of voice response can’t be done by the machine or human translator. The process of using voice varies from country to country or region to region.

  1. Install an SSL Certificate –

SSSL is the most prominent ranking factor since 2014 because of security. Since cybercrime has been rising with each passing day so installing an SSL is the one solution for all problems.

  1. Interlink Your Pages with Keyword Rich Anchor Texts –

It comes under the most effective SEO techniques. Linking your website with other relevant pages needs to keep in mind while adding new content.

  1. Increase The Shareability of Your Pages & Posts –

The more you share the more you get the traffic. If the audience likes your content they won’t mind sharing more and more, moreover there are pretty good chances that your content gets viral.

  1. Post-Fresh, High-Quality Content –

Fresh and high-quality content always is in demand. This is the best way to earn new backlinks because people tend to share fresh and high-quality content.

  1. Update/Improve Existing Content –

It will be vague to write on the same topic on which you have already a content, which targets a specific keyword, on the website. What you can do is simply improve the existing article by updating or correcting that existing content.