Looking for unique workouts to try in 2021? Exercise is changing a lot, but there’s more than just running and sit-ups these days. Once you’ve mastered some of these workouts, you can even try them in your own home.

Learn these unique workout routines for a fun way to sweat it out!

  • Kick Self-Doubt to the Curb 

Kickboxing has come back in style in the last few years in the boutique fitness industry and it’s for good reason. In a kickboxing class, you’ll do heart-pumping cardio and strength building, all while having a blast.

Don’t worry, no one gets hit in the face! You use gloves to stay safe, but you can still feel the power of your punches!

If you’re into feeling powerful and mastering a fun, new skill, try out kickboxing. It burns a ton of calories too!

  • Dance It Out

Did you know dancing could be a cardio workout? It’s true! Zumba is the most popular type of dance fitness, which originated in Colombia. In fact, you burn up to 9 calories a minute, just by dancing your heart out.

Dancing is great for people who don’t like hitting the gym or going for a run. It has the same benefits as other workouts, but it’s a ton more fun.

  • Feel Stronger With Krav Maga 

For a unique workout, try Krav Maga. A Krav Maga workout will have you feeling sweaty, strong, and powerful.

At its core, Krav Maga is a form of self-defense or fighting, so it’s similar to something like karate. You’ll find that what you learn in a Krav Maga class can be applied to the real world really easily, so you’ll feel safer on the streets in no time.

Since it takes a lot of core strength, this is one the most unique ab workouts.

  • Get High With Aerial Fitness 

Well, it’s not that high! Aerial fitness has become super popular thanks to all of the incredibly cool positions you can get into. It takes a lot of core strength, but you essentially hold yourself up on ribbons or hoops attached to the ceiling.

From there, you perform slow movements similar to yoga. These unique fun workouts are great for people looking to try something new and challenging!

  • Feel Confident With Pole Fitness 

A new trend has hit boutique fitness studios: pole fitness. Using a pole attached to the ground and ceiling, fitness enthusiasts use incredible back, ab, and arm strength to perform various movements up and down the bar.

We promise, it’s much harder than it looks, but it’s one of the most unique back workouts ever.

Plus, you’ll get a rush of confidence and have a fun new skill.

Finding Unique Workouts

Next time you’re ready to change it up, check out these unique workouts in your area. If you’re more of a gym rat, check out studios that combine treadmill running and strength training for unique gym workouts.

You can try anything once, so get on out there and feel confident with these exciting workout trends for 2021.

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