Top 5 Factors to Consider When Hiring Lawyers for Divorces

Divorce doesn’t have to become a dreadful experience. You may have heard the statistics on divorce rates. None of that matters when you’re the one going through a divorce. 

Hopefully, this article helps make a big part of your divorce easier. Here are 5 factors to consider when hiring lawyers for divorce. 

1. Experience With Divorces

The only part of divorce worse than the thought of getting one is feeling as though you lost the battle in the end. When hiring lawyers for divorce choose one experienced with divorces in your jurisdiction. They should be competent in divorce and family law, and able to set reasonable expectations. 

If other delicate matters pose a challenge, confirm your lawyer has dealt with similar situations in the past. Oftentimes there are children to consider, or family property to preserve. If a lawyer isn’t experienced in those areas they should be able to refer you to the necessary resources. 

2. Empathy and Discretion

You’ll need to disclose sensitive information during divorce proceedings. It’s important you feel comfortable and trusting when discussing anything with your divorce lawyer. That takes someone who shows empathy and compassion and exercises discretion.

Remember, you have options for lawyers. The one you choose must advocate on your behalf. Continue interviewing lawyers until you find someone you’re comfortable you can trust.

3. Communication

You need a divorce attorney who communicates well with you, the opposing counsel, and the mediator or judge. This is yet another reason you must choose someone well-versed in divorce law. They should be confident and forthcoming with information throughout the process.

If you call an attorney’s office and they’re never available, or they take a week to return your call, they’re not the ones for you. Contact Posmantier Law for experienced attorneys who make you a priority. References and reviews speak volumes about their professionalism. 

4. Client Reviews

Many people are quick to write a negative review. But when you find favorable reviews about a business it usually means their services exceeded expectations. For attorney references and reviews in your area trust for client feedback.

Also, scan ratings and reviews on an attorney’s website. Past clients often share their stories, outcome, and experience with a firm’s divorce lawyer. Choosing an incompetent divorce lawyer could cost you everything. 

5. Attorney Fees

After you have done your research you should have a shortlist of qualified lawyers. Now it’s time to start comparing lawyer fees. Ask questions until you completely understand their payment structure and how they manage collected fees.

Find a divorce lawyer who presents their consultation fee, hourly fees, and retainer in a simple manner. Let them know you expect an account of money spent. If retainer fees remain in escrow, inquiry about having the money returned afterward. 

Hiring Lawyers for Divorce

Anyone who’s experienced a final separation from their spouse can tell you hiring lawyers for divorce is hard. You need someone to advocate for you and hold your hand throughout the process. Consider these 5 factors and you’ll make the right choice. 

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