Top 5 Easiest Ways to Improve Your Foot Health

The average American takes over 5,000 steps each day, while the CDC recommends walking between 7,000 and 8,000! Even while standing still, your feet hold the entirety of your body weight.

This puts a ton of pressure on them and makes foot health important! Read on to learn 5 ways you can improve the health of your feet at home.

  • Wear Supportive Shoes

The shoes you wear can significantly affect your foot health. Every detail makes a difference.

Wearing a shoe too big does not offer proper support for all of the small tendons, joints, and bones in your feet. Tight shoes impede healthy feet and nerves. Both big and small shoes rub against the skin, causing painful chafing and blistering.

The style of shoe matters as well. For everyday use and work that requires a full day of walking or standing, clog shoes offer comfort and promote good health.

Orthopedic clogs offer arch support that also prevents lower back issues by supporting you from the bottom. With these shoes for healthy feet, you will not experience aching feet after a long day of work.

  • Wear Clean Socks

Proper fitting socks also promote good foot health. They provide a comfortable cushion between the harder material of your shoes and your skin to prevent bruising and blistering.

Socks also absorb sweat. Wearing clean socks each day helps to prevent the buildup of infections fungus and bacteria in your shoes.

  • Clean Your Feet

Throughout the day your feet will sweat and may get dirty. The buildup of dirt, bacteria, and fungus, makes you prone to infections. Even if your immune system prevents you from getting sick, your feet will start to stink if you skip washing your feet.

Wash your feet in warm water. Rub the entire foot with soap, especially in between your toes. A gentle sugar scrub will exfoliate any dead skin to keep them soft.

  • Moisturize

Dry feet look less than appealing. Plus, they may itch and crack, causing minor discomfort to serious pain.

After washing your feet each night, moisturize with a heavy, unscented skin cream. In the winter, the cold can make skin especially dry, so rubbing on a thin layer of vaseline after generously applying lotion can lock in the moisture. Putting on comfortable socks immediately afterward helps.

  • Get Regular Foot Massages

Many people think of getting massages as a treat. But, start to consider foot massages as an important aspect of health care.

Continuous pressure on your feet can affect your circulation. When blood does not flow well to your feet they do not heal well and it can lead to more serious problems.

Getting a foot massage every couple of weeks will feel good and alleviate soreness. More importantly, it will improve your circulation.

Make Foot Health a Priority

Your feet literally carry you through life. Make foot health a priority so that you may live well, without problems or pain.

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