Top 25 Questions About The Big Berkey Water Filters – Answered

When on the quest to choose the best water filter, there are a series of questions that would come to your mind. Mostly, these questions are about the quality and efficiency of the products you are going for, to meet your need for water in its purest form.

Barkley Water Filters has been providing families who understand the importance of daily consumption of only pure water with quality water filters for years. To ensure we continue to provide quality service and products to our existing customers and people who are also interested in trying our wide range of water purifiers, we’ve provided reliable and accurate answers to the most asked questions. Are you wondering why you should choose Berkey Water Filters? Let’s provide answers to the probable questions on your mind.

  1. How affordable are Berkey Water Filters?

Prices are below $400 and most products range from $100 – $200. That includes the best home water filters and other important accessories.

  1. How many years warranty do I get on Berkey Water Filters?

All Berkey Water Filters have a lifetime warranty.

  1. What does Berkey Water Filter off my water?

Water Filters generally serve various purposes as water contaminants also vary. But you can be sure you are covered; be it the removal of chlorine, plastic, metals, harmful chemicals, or any other contaminations.

  1. How pure does Berkey Water Filters make my water?

For a fact, Berkey Water Filters do not only filter water, but it is also efficient enough to say it purifies.

  1. Are there small and portably sized Berkeys?

Yes, there are small-sized filters like a water bottle ideal for walkouts, gym sessions, and other related activities.

  1. How many people can Berkey Water Filter serve?

Berkey Water Filter ranges in the size of people it can serve. Some are for four, six, eight, twelve, and more people at maximum.

  1. How many gallons of water can be filtered at once?

This depends on the type you are going for. There are standard Berkeys that allow the filtration of water from two gallons upward.

  1. Are there Berkey Water Filters Ideal for Travelling?

Yes. Water Filters are not only needed at home, so there are models built to be used anywhere, anytime, and any condition.

  1. How does Berkey Water Filter compare to others?

Based on feedback and tests, Berkey Water Filters stand out.

  1. Since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates water, is there still a need for filtration?

Yes. The regulation done by the EPA does not make water from your municipal free of harmful contaminants.

  1. Can Berkey Water Filters be delivered in every state across the US?

Shipping can be made to every US state except California and Iowa.

  1. Is there always a need for electricity to use Berkey Water Filters?

Apparently, no. Berkey Filters are 100% based on gravity.

  1. Can I get water filters for around $100?

There are many Berkey Water Filters in this price range.

  1. What materials are they made of?

Berkey Water Filter Systems are made of well-polished stainless steel.

  1. Do Berkey Water Filters remove viruses?

Amazingly, viruses are removed beyond purification standards.

  1. What type of water can I filter with Berkey Filters?

Berkes Filters are ideal for every type of water, irrespective of the source.

  1. Where can I get Berkey Filters?

You can place your order on our website at and add the products you like to your cart for delivery.

  1. Which Berkey should I get?

In choosing the right Berkey, you’ll have to put into consideration the size of people to be served and where it is to be used.

  1. Do all Berkeys filter water equally?

Yes. Whichever Berkey you go for, you can be sure of getting your water well purified.

  1. What system of purification does Berkey use?

Berkey Water Filters use the Black Berkey Element technology to achieve pure water desire.

  1. Is there any tip to make water filtration faster?

The best tip would be to increase the number of elements used.

  1. How many Berkey Filters are available?

There are eight: six big and two small sizes.

  1. How well do they purify?

They remove trihalomethane, radiologicals, and inorganic minerals to a point whereby they become undetectable in water when tested in the lab.

  1. How reliable are Berkey Filters?

Berkey Filters are manufactured by experts in the field, through thorough research to ensure quality service delivery. This is evident in the results.

  1. Can I get a refund for faulty products?

Getting a refund depends on some factors. If the product delivered is not functioning well, it can be replaced or a refund can be made.