Top 10 Principles of Good Website Design

What is the key to a great website which attracts users and ranks well? Website design, it always has been and it always will be at the very core of bringing in traffic, boosting SEO and increasing engagement. There are certain principles of web design which must be adhered to win order to create a great looking site which offers great user experience, let’s take a look at what those are.


So many get lost in the notion of creating a great looking site that they completely lose sight of the reason for this, and that is to showcase a purpose. Why does this website exist and what can people expect to get from it should underline everything that you do when designing the site.

Keeping it Simple

Web design kind of went full circle a couple of years ago after people went over the top in terms of creation and ending up making sites far too confusing. The new normal for web design is simple and that is what you should be aiming for as well.

Colour Choices

Colour schemes are important both for the aesthetics of the website and more importantly because of the feelings that they evoke. Certain colours set off triggers in our brain as we make associations, green for money, red for danger etc. Ensure that you use colours which look great and carry meaning.

Getting Around

Difficult navigation is one of the biggest complaints of websites, so be sure to make everything crystal clear for the user. Make this logical too, interlinking content and pages for simple movement around the site.


The F shape on your page, featuring a sidebar, menu above and content below, is something which you should always aim for, unless you plan to have Hebrew on your site. Eye-tracking studies have shown that those who read left to right feel far more comfortable when sites are designed in his way.

Hierarchal Structure

The most important content at the top, the most relevant content at the top and below the less relevant content, this is how the hierarchy works. Think of a newspaper front page, that’s how your site should look.

Content is King

No matter what the content is, it has to always be the most powerful, accurate and impactful aspect of the site. Never forget that content is king and it always will be.


Not every page on your site should be broken up but the majority of the pages should feature a grid with various menus and pieces of content. Grids break up the information to ensure that it is easy to digest.

Checking The Load Time

Another common frustration amongst website users is page load time, and that is because people just don’t have the patience to hang around. Make sure that page load times are no more than 2 seconds.

Optimizing For Mobile

Mobile optimization is essential for any website, traditional websites just don’t look good on mobile and the functionality is terrible, make this a priority.

Maintain The UXP

Once you have put all of these website development principles into place, the next step is to work hard on maintaining them, ensure that there are no 404 errors, broken links or slow pages, tweak the menus so that they are easy to navigate and maintain all the good work which you have done.