Tools to Increase Safety and Efficiency for Airport Ground Crews

Working on the ground crew at an airport can be very stressful.  Employees need to perform their duties as quickly as possible while also ensuring the safety of passengers and other workers.  An airline loses millions of dollars when planes sit on the ground for too long.  On the other hand, they could be saving millions of dollars by focusing on the prevention of problems.  A few places to start are performing regular maintenance on ground support equipment, improving lighting, and using a FOD attachment for runway sweeping.

Many times, ground crews can be so busy that they put off scheduled maintenance on their equipment.  Unfortunately cutting corners here often means losing more time and money down the road when something breaks down.  For instance, if an aircraft tug breaks during the process of docking, a huge amount of damage can happen to an aircraft.  Then, not only is the aircraft tug out of commission, but also the aircraft.  This creates a huge headache and money drain, one that could have been prevented by simply keeping on top of regular equipment maintenance.

Switching over to high-quality lights can also have a positive impact on safety and efficiency.  When workers can actually see what they are doing, everything runs more smoothly.  Replace old lights both in interiors and exteriors with LEDs.  Change out headlights, flashing beacons, signal lights, back-up warning lights, and those in the airport pushback tractor.  Also think about places that are too dark and add more lighting.

A final idea for improving efficiency and safety is to invest in a FOD attachment for runway sweeping.  Foreign object debris (FOD) can be a major hazard to aircraft.  When a runway is not completely clean and clear, the debris can cause costly damages to aircraft.  By choosing a FOD attachment that works with existing vehicles, does not have a motor, and is maintenance free, time and money will be saved.  The crew that works to keep the runway clean will have the tools they need to do a great job without wasting time performing maintenance on a complicated machine.  This will keep aircraft and passengers safer.

Members of the ground crew have a tough and very important job.  They must work quickly to keep everything on time while also keeping everyone safe.  By properly maintaining equipment, improving lighting, and using a FOD attachment for sweeping the runway, the ground crew will be able to work more safely and efficiently.  This means that more flights will be on-time and airlines will save money.