Tips on Finding the Right Office Space For Your Team in Melbourne

The City of Melbourne, as the second biggest city in Australia, can offer office spaces that can comfortably fit one’s workforce. And it can be still split into multiple offices, providing business owners with a safe environment with collaboration, innovation, and productivity.

Finding an office space in Melbourne that you can rent is both stressful and exciting. It is hard to decide which one outweighs another. Setting up a new office is not easy, but you will be glad to manage it once the process is done.

When choosing your private office space in Melbourne, there are so many factors that you should consider. Determining your budget and understanding your office requirements is essential since it will guide your office selection. And some other factors to look for are:


Suppose you have a specific office room. In that case, you can request for it to be a customised as an office meeting your requirements. Otherwise, it is crucial to consider the location of your office space in Melbourne, which you’ll be renting.

You should pick a location somewhere in Melbourne that is advantageous for you and your staff. You can also choose a place that is perfect for the kind of business you own, such as:

  • St Kilda A place packed with top international companies and where you can relax during the weekends on the sun-dappled beaches. The place is overflowing with trendy hotel bars, hostels, retail stores, and there is a range of professional corporate offices, IT companies, and even friendly Australian immigration agencies.
  • Melbourne Docklands is a suburb in the Business District of the city, with so many major shopping centres, live entertainment, bars, restaurants and cafes, and practically is Melbourne’s career hotspot. If you are to rent your office space in this area, you are prone to finding more potential clients.
  • Melbourne’s Central Business District has subway lines operating through the city. You can rent office space nearby since it is the city’s retail district. Featuring the central shopping centre, including the Swanston Street Mall, the Bourke Street Mall, and Collins Street, home to jewellery stores and exclusive retailers, this area can also be a hot-pot for your business.

You need to ensure that the workplace is close enough for staff members to travel or commute. If you are still looking for staff, consider an office near enough to an area packed with potential talent. Well, Melbourne is packed with talented people, so you don’t need to worry.


Parking is another essential factor that is easily forgotten when renting office space. You need to ensure there are enough parking spaces so your staff can comfortably get to work on their vehicle and on time without much struggle.

It is a bonus to have a dedicated area for parking or a secured parking lot if you are in an environment where there are so many motorists. Also, ensure that there is enough area for employees to park their vehicles in the workplace.


Renting a private office space in Melbourne means that you can concentrate more on your business. It allows you to reap the benefit of doing business in a place with a high profile image and a good location. In Melbourne’s landmark location, you can attract your potential customers before you even meet them with a prominent business location.