Things You Should Know to Purchase the Correct UPS

Power is literally unpredictable. Just a car crashing on the pole may lead to blackout for hours. This may knock out your computer for hours when you require it the most. So, rather than complaining about the electricity system, you can opt for uninterruptible power supply. This big unit comes with tp notch surge protector offering backup battery to keep your electrical gadget running all through the blackout. However, before you buy UPS, you need to consider these points:

The number of outlets you need

Just like a surge protector, a UPS has several outlets. Thus, you need to know how many devices you want to plug in. If you are using it for office purpose, then you need it for a router, modem and laptop may be. However, if you have a big business, then you may need other ports too. Thus, it is a good suggestion to plus two the number of ports you have calculated for higher flexibility.

The power your device needs

Once the outlets are taken care of, you need to know how much power the devices will need to connect to the UPS. If the devices require high power, than the UPS can produce, it will be dead. Thus, it is important that the wattage is lower than what the power supply is. You can calculate the power of your devices by using a wattmeter.

The time duration need to run on battery

Now once you know the wattage of your devices, know how long will the device run on it. Some people get Uninterruptible power supply because they want a few minutes back up to save their work, while other wants to work on their device all through blackout.

Features you want

If you think that features of a UPS is limited to plug in devices when power goes and plug out when power comes. NO! It is more than that. Right from USB connectivity, battery notification of disconnection, tuning with PC to find out how much power is needed. It is important to look for a professional unit with high features so that you can avail its full benefits.

What about the warranty?

A UPS majorly lasts till the time its internal battery lasts which is around two or three years. The reason the battery depreciates with time is when fully charged. And UPS batteries are charged all time the time. So, all warranties easily run for at least 3 years which is long enough to cover the battery lifespan. However, it is important to enquire about the warranty of the UPS before buying so that you don’t end up buying something wrong.


If you don’t have an uninterruptible power supply but need one, then you should look for best dealers who sell uninterruptible power supplies [ขายเครื่องสำรองไฟฟ้า, which is the term in Thai]. Check out the prices and features and order the one best for your needs. You can compare different UPS from different brands to pick the right one for you.